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Nokia India Pvt Ltd

Posted byS K Garg 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Nokia India Pvt Ltd
Organization e-Mail 
Product/Service DescriptionNokia-3220, IEMI No. 0353780002868362, Consumer Forum Delhi case No. 574/06, Invoice No. 1266, 17.09.2005
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeCustomer Care Tel. No. 30303838,  
Complaint Details

(I the consumer S K Garg is working in M/s Alpha G: Corp Development Pvt. Ltd., 5 Aradhana Enclave, New Delhi-66 is working as a Deputy G. M. Technical and looking after the operations, maintenance and construction of the commercial centers . Considering my nature of job my company has decided to provide me the mobile phone for the official use. I purchased one Nokia make (Model Number 3220) mobile phone from M/s Rupz Carz & Phonz, 10165, Padam Singh Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005 on dated 17.09.2005 vide cash memo number 1266 for value of Rs. 6500.00 who are the authorized dealers of Nokia. At the time of purchasing the set the Owner of the shop convinced me about the facilities of the mobile set and about the service network of Nokia. I purchased the set by paying full payment.
Purchase Details:
1. Dealer: Rupz Carz & Phonz, 10165, Padam Singh Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005.
2. Date of Purchase: 17.09.2005.
3. Prduct purchase: 1Number Nokia mobile-3220 (No. 35378000289689362)
4. Amount Paid: Rs. 6500.00 in cash.
5. Warranty: by Rupz Carz & Phonz Through their principles M/s Nokia India and service dealers.
Repair Details:
1. First Complaint (Telephonic) to M/s Rupz Carz & Phonz, 10165, Padam Singh Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005 regarding the deterioration of the rubber side panels within 2 months time but I was told that the rubber parts are not covered under warranty and moreover the same is not available in the market therefore the same was purchased from the outside.
2. Charging Problems: As per the advice of the said dealer the set was deposited to the nearest service center, Time Emporium, S-8, Green Park market, New Delhi-110016 on 06.07.2006 and I was told that the set shall be sent to the company for the repair (Refer Service Job Sheet- N. 051343506/060706/14 wherein the Warranty Reference Number was given as APAINY046531866 and IMEI NO. 358354000548916 instead of 353780002868362. The set was not traced in the company, when I contacted on the Nokia’s customer cell on dated 08.07.2006, 12.07.2006, 19.07.2006 (The complaint number has been given to me 2#1B4ZEV), finally I got the repaired set from the same Service center and the complaint was closed on 19.07.2006 but M/s Nokia was still to receive the set.
3. Repeatation of Problem: Immediately after receiving the repaired set the multiple problems occurred and when I contacted to the Nokia customer Care I had been told to deposit the set on their service center, I once again submitted the same set to Time Emporium, S-8, Green Park market, New Delhi-110016 on 02.08.2006 vide manual service job sheet number 0518258 with the corrected IEMI No. 353780002868362 and they told me that this is a repetition of the job therefore it will go the company for thorough checkup and mentioned the “II Time repetition & Phone Dead”.
4. After a week time I contacted the Customer Cell on 07.08.2006, 07.08.2006, 10.08.2006, 11.08.2006, 12.08.2006, 17.08.2006, 18.08.2006, 21.08.2006, 23.08.2006, 24.08.2006, 26.08.2006, 29.08.2006, 01.09.2006, 02.09.2006, 06.09.2006 but no satisfactory answer was given by the customer cell and they were not able to trace my mobile set even as on today.
5. When I enquired from Time Emporium, S-8, Green Park market, New Delhi-110016 on 19.08.2006 then great to my surprise I was told that my set is out of warranty and they asked for the photocopy of the bill, which I forwarded to them on 21.08.2006 but now they mentioned the IEMI No. 353780002868362, Job Warranty: Yes and Repeated Job: No. Please Refer Service Job sheet No. 051343506/060821/124 dated 21.08.2006.
6. I was continuously following to the Nokia’s Customer cell but there was no proper feed back from their side.
7. I complained through their website but I am yet to receive any reply from them.
In view of the above chronology of the complaints and the information’s gathered from my friends I am of the opinion that the particular model number of the Mobile Set is having manufacturing fault and M/s Nokia as not able to provide the after sale services. Their Authorized service centers are not capable of handling the complaints and moreover their customer care staff who is sitting in the Bangalore office is simply befooling the customers. Now as on today the warranty has been expired reasons best known to M/s Nokia and their authorized sales dealers. M/s Rupz Carz & Phonz, 10165, Padam Singh Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005, authorized sales dealers should be instructed to sell the third class product.
In addition to the above I represented my case to the Core Center, consumer Online resources & Empowered center, Ministry of consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, department of Consumer Affairs, Govt. of India. (copy of the letter enclosed); I am yet to receive the reply from M/s Nokia.
Breach of trust by a company of repute like Nokia.
All copies of the correspondences are attached.
The jurisdiction as mentioned on the bill of M/s Rupz Carz and Phonz is Delhi
That the present complaint is being filed within the period prescribed under section 24A of the Act.
As out of 12 months warranty the set is lying with the service center for more than 2 months time and moreover I was using this defective piece since purchasing of the set. Therefore I want following compensation:
1. Refund of my money viz Rs. 6,500.00 paid to Rupz Carz & Phonz, 10165, Padam Singh Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005 with 24% of interest as I have no faith on Nokia’s product and there service network.
2. Rupees 20,000.00 towards loss of business and opportunity cost.
3. Rupees 50,000.00 towards my mental agony and loss of time in pursuance of the follow-ups on telephone, e-mails and letters.
4. Litigation charges.
It is, therefore, most respectfully prayed that this Hon’ble Forum/ Commission may kindly be pleased to get the relief as mentioned Para 9 (1-4)

Solution of your complaintI dont know. A company like nokia can ditch me like this I cant imagine. 
ActionAlready file a case in the District Consumer forum, Central, Delhi vide case no. 574/06 and I can go to any extent to teach the company a lession particularly their delaer network. 
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