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Sithayya Agnisundaram

Posted byS,Agnisundaram, 
Organization / Product Details
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Sithayya Agnisundaram
Product/Service Descriptioncable laying,by Airtel at chennai,,corpn division no 37,Perambur,,,Venkatramanstreet,&saraswathi square area,Chennai 600011
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Complaint Details

Airtel,,,Broad Band services/cable division has been laying under ground cable,around our,area during the last one year,or so,digging up the roads several times,with out proper planning,cutting the road indiscrminately mostly on Friday nights,,(when there are no corporation officials to supervise) or saturday &sundays,causing lot of inconvenience to the residents,.Further the cable trunch so dugup also never gets properly filled up resuting in heavy vechicles get s inside the Dugup pit.. NO SUPREVISOR,or authoried officials, representing company to supervise the job,,are avialable,and delegating to the contract work men,the job,who does it with out bothring the MMDA water connection,TNEB,cables,OR Chennai corporation Electrilight(streetlights),cable,nor Bsnl cables.This requires better handling by your company,with proper planning and coordination at higher Level..You may visit the area to study your self the damage the roads,and appraoch way to citizens houses.I hope you might be already aware aboout the news item appeared about your bad state of execution of laying cable,and citizens grivences in leading news papers like Dinamalar, Please take Urgent remedial Action,,and dont inconvenience the residents . Hope You will take necessary action,Your self. 

Solution of your complaintDont digup the roads every week,,or every fortnights Plan it properly and lay suitable capacity cables.,Fillup properly the digup fits,then and there,with out making us(residents) to suffer ,by way of personal accidents,vehicles accidents.,,etc  
Actionwill be decided by our Residents welfare associatin, 
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