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Elite Lifestyles of Florida Inc

Posted byEugene J. Fodor 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Elite Lifestyles of Florida Inc
Organization e-Mail 
Product/Service DescriptionGlass Room Addition to Home
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintReliability 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeRudolph Gurrola, Rodney Henry, and Michael 
Complaint Details

On July 24, 2006 Rudolpg Gurrola and Rodney H. Henry arrived at my home to discuss the addition of a glass sun room to our home. A price was reached after measurements were taken. Rudolph stated that he was the owner of the company and that he will have the job completed in 6 weeks, well before the end of summer. A request of $1,000.00 deposit was requested by the men. $1,000.00 check was given to them and cashed. On Aug 17, 2006 after not hearing from anyone there, I called the office. I was told that, one of the guys will call you back." After not receiving any calls, I again called on 8/23/06, this time I was told that Rodney would call me back. I told the woman answering the telephone that I was worried that they would not be able to do the job, just let me know. On 8/24/06 I called Rudolphs cell number, since I did not hear from Rodney, and Rodney answered. I again repeated my fear that they were not able to do the job. He assured me that they were at the glass factory at this moment and they were actually working on my plans.On 9/29/06 after not hearing anything again, I called the office and requested my deposit back, as I have lost all confidence in the company. I was transferred quickly to a "Michael" who stated that he was the owners son, and that 3 jobs were lost somehow, and one of them was mine, but he would really like to make me happy and will call me back on Monday !0/2/06, "guaranteed" and let me know what is the outcome. I told him that I would then make the decission if I would like them to continue to do any work on my home. He did not call on 10/2 and he did not call on 10/3. He called at 7:50 AM on 10/4/06 and told me that they would be there soon to start taking out the sod for cement preparations. Of course this does not require a building permit and appeared to be a ruse to get on the property to appear to be working on the glass room, which has no grass anywhere near it, it would have been attached between the house and the swiming pool. The grass work was an additional job when they came to pour the floor for the enclossure on top of the existing cement. I told him that I already wrote a certified letter requesting my deposit. He then changed his tone and stated, "I dont give money back, read the contract!" I told him that I would charge the company with grand theft and/or racketeering because there is no clause that says that I cannot receive my money back, especially when they have not even pulled a permit, let alone start on a job. He then said, "no wonder no one wants to work for you, you fucking asshole!" and then hung up the phone. I have never had any problems and the cost of the job would have been close to $30,000.00 for Elite Lyfestyles of Florida Inc. I also requested my original architectural plans that they borrowed to "speed up the permit process." Which of course has not been done to that date. 

Solution of your complaintI want my money back with interest, and I would like to know that "Michaels" involvement with construction in Florida be suspended until he completes an anger mangement course. I would like my deposit back along with the blue prints to my house along with a letter of apology from the owner of Elite Lifestyles of Florida Inc. 
ActionI will go to the State Attorneys Office and file the grand theft and/or racketeering charge, as well as file complaints with the state construction licensing bureau and the better business bureau and any and all offices that deal with this situation. 
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