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Global Ocean Freight, Inc.

Posted bySam Afyouni 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Global Ocean Freight, Inc.
Product/Service DescriptionOrder# 11546
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintOther 
Complaint Rating1(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeEti Cohen 
Complaint Details

I contracted Trans-Global Move(TGM) & Global-Ocean Freight(GOF) to move packed household furniture on Jun 26, 06. A week before Tom(GOF) called me saying container is not ready. I explained I have business trip on Jun 27-29. We reschedule it to Jun 30 with assurance it will not change. On Jun 28 Tom called to say container is ready but there is a problem he said crew & container are ready but vessel is not ready to accept and if it is brought on Fri it will cost extra to store it at shipping yard, I rejected. I asked if ok to leave container at my house and pick it up Mon Jul 3 Tom said it will cost extra. Finally, Tom said truck can be brought Mon Jul 3 8am with assurance it will be on time. Mon Jul 3 8am nobody showed up. 9am spoke to a rep and inquired about crew. Rep said "loading crew is supposed to come & PACK at 10am and container at 1pm” I said packing was not requested and was not the agreement with Tom. 10:30am TGM told me loading crew will be at 1pm. 12pm I changed my flight to Jul 4 missing 1st day of class in London (paid $200). 1:30pm container came but no crew. 2:30pm I called GOF to inquire about crew I was told to wait. 3:45pm loading crew came. When I asked why they were late, lead man said it was last min. arrangement. After crew left I called GOF about invoice which I was expecting with the crew but I was told it will be emailed. 4 days later I received invoice showing initial balance but a note said if balance is not paid late fees will be applied. I called GOF explaining to CS that pmt will be paid when I return, CS said “OK”. A week later I received invoice with $500 LATE & $500 HOLD fees applied. When I returned home I paid GOF initial balance after Tom indicated that fees maybe waived but they were not. I called GOF and TGM at least 20 times pleading but no avail. Late in Jul after warning Lisa (TGM) to pursue legal actions she called me and said GOF agreed to waive LATE fees only, I accepted. When furniture arrived Sep 27 I had to pay LATE & HOLD fees to release it.

- Trans Global Moving did not care about and did not help about providing good service once they collected their commission.
- Global Ocean Freight did not honor the contract that I had between Trans Global and I.
- The removal date was changed 3 times and charged me $1000 and on top of it their agent overseas charged me about $1500 in order to release the container. On top of all the hardship, frustration and charges they delayed the release of my container by not giving clearance to their agent for 3 weeks which I had to pay 3 weeks of port charges. (I can provide you with full details of what happened and all the extra charges they forced me to pay)


Solution of your complaintRefund of the extra charges. 
ActionLaw Suit 
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