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Bajaj Auto

Posted byBishnu 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Bajaj Auto
Product/Service DescriptionBajaj Pulsar DTSI-150
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintPerformance 
Complaint Rating1(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeBajaj 
Complaint Details

I am Bishnu from Hyderabad.

I have bought a Bajaj Pulasr DTSI 150 CC bike from Rahul Bajaj show room dated: 30/03/2006.


Since the date of purchase I am facing various problems on the bike.

1) On the day of purchase, the speedo meter was not working. I have to get it rectified the next day.

2) I got the second service done at Rahul Bajaj service center, dated: 12/06/06, km run 2056. After the second service, all other problems cripped. My engine started to stop at least 3-4 times in 1st 1KM of run. I had a tough time convincing the mechanics about the problem. They always say that the problem is not re-producible. Of-course, I have driven 8KM to bring the bike to the service center, so the engine wont stop. The only thing they suggested is to run the vehicle with Choke on for 30 seconds. I went there several times for this problem, but the problem never solved. Due to lack of my time, I couldnt even report there. I learned to live with defects. SO THE 2nd SERVICE CREATED ENGINE STOP PROBLEM.

3) I gave the 3rd service to Banjara Bajaj at Madhapur, dated 10/10/2006. I explained all the problems. Good, the engine didnt stop afterwards. But a serious problem árised. Then HEADLIGHT stopped working, when the vehicle runs for 0.5 to 1KM. I had a very tough time to explain them the problem. The very next day 11th Oct, I gave the bike to them for repair. They told it solved. But it didnt. I gave it again.. the same result. For 1st 4 times they bluffed saying that the problem is solved and you can take your vehicle. I took it, but when I run it for 1KM in night, the headlight stops working. Furtunately I didnt meet with any accident at night. 5th time I went there and escalted to the local manager( Mr Ali). He told the N3 magnetic coil has to be replaced. I kept the bike in the show room. for 2 days they didnt do it. I became frustrated with keeping my bike there for 2 days and travelling by Auto daily. It costs a lot to me. He told the SPARES ARE NOT AVAILABLE. you can take your bike as it is tomorrow !!!! I went there again the next day and took my bike. Problem still exists!!! The next week end, dated 18th Nov 06, I went there to get it done. One mechanic replaced the Magnetic coil. Even without asking me changed the Engine oil and charged me for that ( why to change engine oil when its just 1 month from 3rd service?). The headlight problem seems to be resolved. Its struggle of 1 month 8 days for this, without headlights. But the same 18th evening, I found the bike is not able to run 1mt. The engine starts and stops. I have good amount of oil in my tank. Today being sunday, all service centers are closed. Even, tomorrow I cant take my vehicle as its not running at all.

All these days I am have some problem or the other with this bike. 2nd service caused ENGINE To stop, 3rd service caused headlight to stop working, headlight solution caused again engine to stop. I dont understand what kind of mechanics you have with Bajaj? I


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