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I bought a Maruti zen pre owned car (True Value !!!)from Aalianz automobiles, Kamal cinema Building,Safder Jung Enclave, New Delhi in May 2006. I was told that the car has been refurbished at Aalianz automobiles workshop and has been certified by Maruti engineer. Also, that the car was in excellent working condition after refurbishment. The odometer was showing a little more than 50000 kms on the date of urchase.
After taking test drive before purchase, I asked them some questions regarding the problems I face. Side glass was broken. Wires were scattered. I was told by their sales representatives thateverything will be corrected before delivery of car. But that was not done. Also I was promised to get 1 year warranty on my car at the time whwn I paid token money.
But after paying full amount I was shocked to see that they were giving me only 6 months warranty. They people are never true to their words.
The problems started on the day of purchase when the car refused to start second day when I stopped at a signal. Aalianz changed the battery(old local battery not new after calling and complaining 100 times after 3-4 months) but the problem continued.
All these problems were there from the date of purchase.
For replacements they are asking me to pay for new battrery.There is no positive response from Aalianz. As the battery is in dam bad condition I am paying Rs. 40 daily to get my car start to a battery mechanic.
I am surprised as I havenít used the car much, and had to spend so much on it after purchase. What is the benefit of purchasing a maruti certified car, when itcosts more and has problems in it.
I had written this to maruti on their feedback form, but there was no response from them. The nature of my job was such that I didnít have time to do repeated follow ups or take action other than visit the workshop with my car for change of battery and side glass.
I was not given any invoice while I bought the car. I do have the certification letter from maruti about the cars good condition.
I want to know from Maruti that is this the way of doing business ? or this is how they should deal with customers? I feel that Maruti should pay for these repairs/ replacements, but there is no response from Maruti.
Please help me .

Brijesh Kumar
New Delhi, India


Solution of your complaintBattery and side glass should be replaced as soon as possible. And 6 months free extended warranty shoul be given to me. 
ActionIf it would not be sorted out within a few days I am ready to go to consumer court. 
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