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HCL Infosystems Ltd.

Posted bySantosh Pandey 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
HCL Infosystems Ltd.
Product/Service DescriptionHCL computers, Model: Beanstalk, Serial number: B054A1046920, Invoice No.: 519.
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintPerformance 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeV. Srinivas, Manager Customer support. 
Complaint Details

I bought a HCL Beanstalk computer (serial number: B054A1046920) on 25th Dec, 2005 from Ivel Computers, a dealer in Habsiguda under invoice Number 519 for Rs. 40,480.00.
This computer includes a warranty period of 1 year (25th Decí05 to 24th Decí06) under warranty card # 9751457.
This system went wrong for the first time on 25-9-06 when the system was not booting. A complain was raised and engineer visited and formatted the whole system. This made me lose all the data that was stored in my computer. This problem was solved under the bill# 10574.
On 4-10-06 my system went wrong again where there was no display on the monitor. Again a new complain was logged and engineer visited and again my system was formatted due to which there was no old data left in my computer. This call was attended under the bill# 11362.
Again on 6-10-06 the computer was not booting up and the same engineer visited again who formatted my system again for the third time and replaced the hard drive. The original hard drive was taken for observation. This call was attended under the bill# 11372.
On 14-10-06 the system came up with the same problem where it was not booting. Again to my surprise, same engineer came and formatted the whole system again. This was done under the bill# 11669.
On 15-10-06 same engineer came to replace the hard drive that was kept under the observation. The data was transferred from the old hard drive to this one and this was completed under the bill# 11675.
Again on 25-11-06 the computer was not working fine and was taken back for observation for 4 days. The problem was the same again where it was not booting and says hard disk failure. This time few of the internal parts were replaced. This computer was returned on 29-11-06 under the bill# 9204. After the system was returned, there was still a problem where it was frequently restarting by itself. This was rectified by changing the settings and was done under the bill# 29-11-06. This was surprising to me as the computer was taken for observation for 4 days and when it was returned it was still faulty.
On 2-12-06 a new problem occurred as my key board was not working. A new complain was logged and again an engineer came who him self has no knowledge of what the problem is and he replaced the keyboard which was also not working fine.
To all the above problems the HCL engineers have only one solution and that is formatting the whole system. I do not have any data on my computer till date as the system goes wrong every fortnight and has to be formatted. There was always been the same problem with the computer of not booting up and hard disk failure, however nobody in HCL service centre is capable enough to find out what the problem is and how to resolve it.

When I spoke to Mr. Ravi Prasad the dealer for HCL from where I bought this computer they straight away refused to help saying that itís not their responsibility anymore and when I spoke to HCL personnel they say itís not their responsibility either. They take warranty of only the hardware and not the software. If the computer goes wrong itís the software problem and not the hardware hence itís not covered under the warranty. Addition to that if there is any physical damage to the hardware even that is not included in the warranty. Could someone please let me know what goes wrong with the hardware other than it not functioning or physical damage and as per HCL both the cases are not covered under warranty then why did they cahge me for the warranty?

Buying this system has made me go through lot of mental pressure and depression as I paid more than Rs. 40,000 for a system which is not working at all.

Now my mind is all set to file a case in consumer court against Ivel computers and HCL Infosystems Ltd for not providing the proper services hence refunding the amount charged for this computer along with a compensation amount of Rs. 10,000.

All the details are given below.

Dealer address:
Ivel Computers,
102, S.R. Complex,
Opp. C.C.M.B., Habsiguda,
Hyderabad Ė 500007.
Tel: 32900930, 65190930.

Address for HCL service centre:
HCL Infosystems Limited,
Frontline Division, HCL Towers, First floor,
44, Dwarakadas Colony,
Chikoti Gardens,
Begumpet, Hyderabad -500016
Tel: 27765063. 27765293.

My Address:
Santosh Pandey
II/102, Survey Colony,
Hyderabad - 500039
Phone: 9866090485.


Solution of your complaintI would want to return this computer and get the refund with compensation or would want a brand new computer with 1 year warranty.  
ActionI would go to consumer court and file a case against Dealer and HCL infosystems Ltd for not providing the proper service and holding reason for faulty computer.  
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