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Reliance Telcom

Posted byArvind Patel  
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Reliance Telcom
Product/Service DescriptionPrepaid Account - Incoming Life Long Free scheme - of schemers RELCOM
Warranty StatusDo not know.
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Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company Employeerelcom -  
Complaint Details

Reliance Communication – Process manipulation – short changing customers for
Financial quarter book cooking:

Prepaid customers accounts gets deactivated for documents process, deactivation comes
into practice just before financial quarter reporting. Modus opera die – once prepaid
accounts gets deactivated – the prepaid balance, at the date of deactivation, gets accumulated to the books of Reliance Communication, and when customer submits documents, the accounts needs to be activated, customer pays again. In the meanwhile – majority prepaid users are having incoming calls free for life scheme participants, so no incoming calls to subscribers, no out going pending documents submission, notwithstanding subscribers having submitted required documents the last time – September 06 in my case, phone was disable by RELCOM. Reliance as matter of operation do not provide receipt of the documents submitted, though the form provides lower portion as receipt for documents submitted. So every quarter financial reporting RELCOM – disables phone, requires subscribers to resubmit document to activate phone, the prepaid balance at the time of disable gets forfeited to RELCOM, when you again activate –you pay to recharge your system. This is day light robbery – in name of operation process – security process, this is how you gauze the customer. And thanks to very lax process and lack of will on part of monitoring authority, RELCOM saves lots of money at the cost of subscribers.

This is in plain speak – CHORI and SEENA JORI of RELCOM.

My phone was disabled in September; it took me a month to get my system activated,
not before 5/6 visit to the customer service in person, I lost my prepaid balance as of the date of disable, to get system working I had to prepay. On Sunday 10th Dec, 06 my system was deactivated, I have to resubmit the documents, I recharged my system on Nov 30, have balance as of disable day of about Rs 40/-, which stands, forfeited to RELCOM. Now, once again I have to submit documents – reactivation process takes about 7/8 days (if lucky and make few visits to the customer service where I would submit the documents), and to reactivate the phone I will have to cough out some more prepaid
charge amount. My phone No 9326858071. At the time I visited the service center there
were 6/7 other subscribers with same story.

RELCOM takes the public for good ride, in the process makes RELCOM share holders
Rich. Manipulate process and make easy money, and get away too as our monitoring
authority do not monitor what they should be monitoring.


Solution of your complaintRELCOM can take back their phone - reimburse my prepaid charges and get lost 
ActionHave complained to TRAI ( what joy I would get I do not know) Min of Communication. Also intend to approach consumer complain 
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