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metlife India PVT Ltd

Posted byGhanajit sarma 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
metlife India PVT Ltd
Organization e-Mail 
Product/Service Descriptionabout my insurance application
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
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Complaint Rating5(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeANIL GN 
Complaint Details


IOn the month of January 2006, I applied for life insurance covearge of metlife through one of metlife employee by name Mr ANIL GN, which was rejected telling that I have diabetics problem. But they encashed my chq of 50K . I got surprised how can I have diabetics problem, so I approcahed ING Vaysa and they did not find any medical problem and I took the policy from ING Vaysa bank.

Then I contacted the metlife and asked to refund my fund which he was telling some storry lke he will put teh amount into my account, will come to my office etc. Byt the main important things I received some others bond from Metlife (mutal fund which I did not apply) on April 22, so next day itslef I went to thier branch office at MG road. As the day was saturday so office was closed . THough it was saturday , Ainl was in office so he came and collected my bond telling that he will submitt the bond on behalf of me and I will get my 50K within 1 week. After That I have been calling him, and customer care but stil, I have not got my fund back.

Then in thge month of October, I went to MG road branch , But I did not find Mr Anil as he had been transfered to Mysore. Then I told the same things to customer care and I got surprised that Anil had never inform to metlife concern people about this.
Then They asked me that as I did not return back the mutal policy within 15 days , so they will deduct around 12K .

I am very surprised how can a reputed orgnaisation metlife work like this.
I would be very thankful if something can be done..

Bngalore -47
mobile no. - 9880954827 

Solution of your complaint1. Geeting my whole amount back 2. Taking action on the employee 3. SHould not encashed the chq I had given as insurance premium whentheye rejected the policy for the person having medical problem and without customer request , Metlife should not give any other policy  
ActionI am ready to case a file in consumer court. 
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