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Posted byCharity Beasley 
Organization / Product Details
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Product/Service Descriptioncandleabra
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating7(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeTanisha 
Complaint Details

My husband and I went through the holiday section because sign everywhere said 50% off holiday items. I picked up a candleabra from a shelf marked with a 50% off sign where there where at least 3 or 4 other candleabras. When I reached the check out it rang up for full price. I asked the cashier "i thought that was 50% off" she responded sarcastically "We sell this all the time." I said "oh, well how much are the tea lights normally?" (Also in a box marked 50% off) and her response was again sarcastic "We sell those all the time too" I said "Well, I dont understand why they were on the shelf marked 50% off" She says "Well, I dont know why they were back there" and proceeds, I said "Well, go ahead and take the candleabra off" she does and then starts to pull the tea lights back out and I said "No, thats ok I will go ahead and get those" When I went to write a check I asked her if I could borrow her pen. She acted annoyed and snatched it out of her hair and set it on the counter, I wrote my check and then handed it o her only to have her snatch it out of my hand. when she she handed my receipt she very rudely said "Thank you" and started to check out the next customer, I stopped and said "Im sorry if Ive irritated you" She turned to me and said "I said Thank you" Then turned to the customers behind me and proceed to start complaining to them about me. Personally, this is not appropriate customer service but it seems to be common for the Walmart in Thomasville, GA. 75% of the associated there seem to be miserable about their jobs and take it out on the customers. I understand that this time of year there are a lot of cranky, rude customers. I worked in the retail businness for a long time. I do not however deserve to be treated rudely because the cashier is having a bad day. 

Solution of your complaintI dont expect a solution, I simply want my complaint to be heard. Customer service should be a priority. It seems like since Walmart makes millions of dollars and is no fear of going under that its ok to let cashiers and other associates treat people however they want. 
ActionPay more money to shop at Publix where at least the staff is friendly and smiles at you. 
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