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Posted byPramod S. tambe 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Product/Service Descriptionmodel no 7642 QS 29” S.No.1140502844 Invoice No. 2001010508 from Vijay Sales, Borivali, Mumbai
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintPerformance 
Complaint Rating5(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMr Rajesh Dave 
Complaint Details

Date: January 9, 2007

The Head Customer Care Division

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that myself Pramod S. Tambe Marketing Professional staying at Bhayandar, Maumbai since birth. In year 1997 when I separated from my parents & set up my own house the first things on 14/5/1997 I bought i.e. Color Television (21” 5313 (R) & Refrigerator (165 liter Jetmatic Grey) was of Videocon make. Since then afterwards I bought Washing Machine & DVD players of the make of Videocon. Not only I bought Videocon for myself but also I suggest my relatives & friends for buying Videocon products. Extension to that when I decided to change the old & buy new television I prefer buying 29” flat TV model no 7642 QS 29” S.No.1140502844 Invoice No. 2001010508 from Vijay Sales, Borivali on 19/7/2004 Television over other brands.

Recently I came across very rare of its kind incident on December 31st 2006. We were watching television on the 31st night. All of sudden the television got off we tried 2/3 times doing switch on/off but all in vain.

On 1st January my wife along with nephew visited to your bhayandar service center at around 12.45 pm & informed the complaint. There no one was available accept one person who simply handed over the card saying that lodge the complaint on this no & went off.

Immediately we lodged the complaint on given no & we got MFE 7A01035 as our complaint no saying that the engineer would visit my place within 2 days. No one turn up till 4th (4 days) evening so my wife call local mechanic keeping mind that if there is minor defect we can get it done as its very difficult to continue without Television specially ladies due to TV Soaps. The local mechanic opened the set before us. He checks the set & said he has to open some parts which we denied so he went off.

On 5th morning again I called up at inquiry center & bhayandar center. In the afternoon your person Mr. Rohidas visited my place. Before he could start his work as a responsible citizen we inform him about the visit of local mechanic. The moment he listen about the visit of local mechanic without vesting time he told that everything he would do would be on chargeable basis & after checking the set he gave the estimated expenses Rs. 1000/-. (Rs. 280/- for service charges & rest for chip), we couldn’t show the bill, as the bill was not traceable.

Next day when he visited to our place we showed him the bill & warranty card, which he never bother to see even. I spoke with him saying that I would come back after talking to his senior. According to number given by him I spoke with Mr. Rajesh Dave (the so called videocon man). Mr. Dave was very much unaware with the yesterdays visit of Mr. Rohidas to my place, he was not even aware with the problem even after 24 hours after the visit of his mechanic (nice reporting system of customer care division). The way Mr. Dave was confirming (3 times) the visit of Mr. Rohidas anyone can smell something fuzzy that one can think it could be intentions of Mr. Rohidas of pocketing the repair money. The first thing Mr. Dave told that before calling the local mechanic how many calls do you made to remind us to send a mechanic. Actually I forgot that I am in India where even after complaining we need to do follow-ups with local office as the complaint is just a formality & we need to remind the official for his work for what he is paid. During the 5-minute discussions Mr. Dave was very much in protecting mood of his mechanic. He was not even ready to listen to the responsible & honest customer. After his long expiations he promise me that he would come back to me after talking to his mechanic.

Immediately I called back my residence to talk to the mechanic but he was not there, when I was talking to Mr. Dave he ran away very ruthlessly saying that he has lots of work to do & whatever he would do will do after concerning to his sheth and switched off his cell.

When I couldn’t received the call from Mr. Dave after half an hour again I called & spoke with Mr. Dave who also confirm that he called up my residence immediately after our discussions where the mechanic was not available & his cell was off. He would come back to me after having word with his mechanic who was intentionally switched off his cell phone.

Mr. Dave the man of Videocon doesn’t have the courtesy to call back to the customer he promised (twice). So once again on 8th when I contacted him almost after 48 hours he was very much interested towards proving his mechanic move right. According to him whatever his mechanic had done is well in line with the company policy. When I asked him the name & address of the Corporate Office/Head customer care division he was unable to provide me the details saying that he don’t have the details & asked to contact at thane office. A responsible official of company like Videocon doesn’t have the details of his seniors very strange to listen.

Looking at the matter further to tell you that the actions of your bhayander team need to be scanned. Please check the last two months complaints & solutions provided; I am sure you would find something, which is not in line with the company policy.

According to your mechanic the local mechanic had done some repair work so I would like to call the third party inspections to prove the same, as I am sure because what ever he had done had done before me only.

Yesterday I checked the bill I found one serial no on the bill, which was printed, on the backside of TV set. When I received this set on 20/7/2004 the set was not working, as the power supply was not showing. People of Vijay Sales asked us to keep the same set saying that company mechanic will visit my place to check the set which we denied & asked for new set returning the old set. They took this set back & after two days gave me another set. When I saw the box opened I asked them that is this same set? Which they answered that no this is another set we checked this set at showroom to avoid the problem like yesterday. I trust them but yesterday when I saw the serial number I came to know that I am cheated. It’s a clear-cut case of cheating. Vijay sales people cheated me sending the same set after repairs. Please check the complaint register of 20/7/2004 to 24/4/2007 you would find the complaint of my name (Pramod Tambe, 601/A, Om Sundaram Apt. Keshav Park, uttan Road, Bhayandar (W) – 401101) as the mechanic from your bhayander center was at my place to check the set after receiving the complaint from Vijay Sales.

Kindly advice your concerns to take the action as early as possible otherwise I would carried out the repair by local mechanic & the charges would be borne by the Videocon.

Expecting your reply, as I have to take the matter further with concerned authorities.

With regards,


Cc: Consumer Forum Mira – Bhayandar/ District Forum Pune, Mr. Ganesh Naik. MLA, Mr. Prakash Paranjape MP, Police Station Mira Bhayandar,

Solution of your complainti want replacement of TV set 
Actioni have planned some unique actions that will affect companies image but the same will revels after words if problem not get sorted out. 
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