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Posted byClayton Dodd 
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I bought access to a member-only website on 12/15/06, through They inceased the charge by tacking on some anti-spyware program that I didnt order. Being unaware of the $14.88 overcharge, I made several small purchases with my Christmas-depleted credit card. Each of the 4 purchases bounced, due directly to the marketbill overcharge, resulting in overdraft charges of $108.00.

I contacted marketbill and first they refunded the $14.88. Then they said "sorry" and offered me several software packages to atone. Over the course of 4 or 5 emails I kept telling them I wanted compensation for the overdraft fees they caused.

Lastly, they sent me an email saying my account would "credited totally". Success, right?

No, they meant they were refunding the amount of the original purchase.

What irks me is that they acknowleged the overcharge, but in all our correspondence, they refused to even mention the issues of overdrafts. I have my bank statement showing clearly that I spent accordingly with what I should have had in the bank and there was no way for me to know different during the two days it took for their change to show on my account.

I have already seen on the internet several other instances of doing this to other people, i.e., "tacking on" charges. Although they seem ready to quickly refund amounts, this has the earmarks of an internet scam...many people wont notice or wont bother to dispute.


Solution of your complaintRefund of the amount for their services (already done) and refund of the overdraft charges they directly caused. 
ActionContact the BBB and the attorney general for their state. I also need to get back with my bank ad see if they can help. 
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