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Hewlett Packard

Posted byPeggy Casey 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Hewlett Packard
Product/Service DescriptionHP home comuter
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeToo many to mention, and all across the world 
Complaint Details

Purchased 2 refurbished computers for Christmas, they arrived in plenty of time, however one of them was called DOA (dead on arrival) after numerous calls I finally got a RA# to return the bad computer. Did that, took 8 days to get my credit back. During that time I was talking to Cus. Service about the situation, they assured me they would take care of this. Their resolution was to build me a brand new computer comperable to the other one for the same price. Plus give me a new monitor and 2 year ext. coverage for my inconvenience. I was not in a position to purchase this at the time, so the CR rep said all this info would be in my file and she would call me early Jan and we would place the order.hese wer e her promises to settle the situation. That didnt happen, she didnt call. So I called, still needing a computer. Of course I couldnt get the same CR rep, so I started all over with my story to another person in India, she totally understood and said no problem, we will just build it again and go from there. In my mind, Ive explained the entire situation, told her what was promised so we went for it. She took everything down. Customized a computer.
At the end she said she couldnt give me the monitor as the other person had said, just couldnt do that, and that a new one would cost $249, I said Ok, I have to have this lets do this. I gave them my credit card for the purchase. We talked again about the 2 year ext warranty, she agreed to this as well.
She told me I would get a copy and confirmation of my order by e-mail. I told her that since I didnt have a computer at the time I would haver to wait to check out my e-mail on another computer when I could get to one. So the next day I did just that.
Guess what. there was a confirmation alright, didnt have half the stuff on it we talked about, no monitor, no speakers, no DVD RW, tNo extended coverfage, wice as much as the first one I paid for. So I call them to correct the order. Once again I get yet another person from India, who doesnt understand me or vise versa. Shes real sorry, but just cant make these corrections to the order.
I explained the entire story again, by now Ive talked to about 7 different people, I finally got to a supervisor, we went thru the entire thing again, I went down the entire list of things I was suppose to get from customer service + what I was paying for. No problem, get confirmation and its still wrong.
I got to yet another supervisor, I just cancelled the order. Now here it is 2 days after I have cancelled the order and I still dont have credit back for my purchase. They say its the banks deal, that they have submitted it, the bank says they have nothing. It sure didnt take them long to charge my account, why cant they just instantly credit it as well.
The CS for HP just doesnt work. You can never get to the same person twice, you have to tell your story a million times to a million different people all over the world, who make all kinds of promises, but since you can never get back to any one of them none of them are held accountable for their actions.
I could go on and on about this but right now its day 2 of waiting for a repair man to come to the house to work on yet the other HP computer that we purchased at the same time that died about on week after purchase.

Solution of your complaintHP had better revamop their customer service. I realize they are a big company, but this non accountability just doesnt work for me. I too work in customer service for a very large company, If I promise something I make sure my customer is taken care of and satisfied in the end. I also make sure they have my number to contace me with any future questions that I may be of service to them. Knowing they use my equipment is very important to me. 
ActionI still need a computer. HP has my money tied up. This has been going on since before Christmas. Keep in mind these computers were Christmas gifts, couldnt give one of them. I would like to see them supply me with a new computer comperable to the one I had tried to purchase, with monitor and coverage. However, not sure thats a good idea either. I have always heard that HP equipment is very good, its their customer service that has the issue. I heard correctly. I purchased a 58" HP TV in June or 06, spent the first month I had it on the phone to customer service, they were very helpful on the TV, thats why I opted for the HP computer in the first place. 
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