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Roberts Toyota in Columbia TN

Posted byAlan Jacoby 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Roberts Toyota in Columbia TN
Product/Service Description
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for Complaint 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMr. Roberts (Owner) and Vince GM 
Complaint Details

I am in the market to purchase a new car and was considering a lease. I went on the Toyota website to get information and I received a phone call from Katie Harwell from their sales department. I explained to her that I need a HIGH mileage lease on a Camry, (about 30k miles per year), and that I was upside down on my current vehicle due to high mileage. I live more than one hour away from this dealership so I told her that I was not going to make the drive unless she could assure me that it was not a waist of time. She responded with Its the last day of the month and I ASSURE YOU we can take care of this. So I dropped my plans for the day and drove the 70+ miles to the dealership. Once I was there I test drove a couple of the new cars and decided on one of them. I gave them all my information and waited for them to come back to tell me what the lease payments would be. Then I was informed that the only way I could do the lease was to come up with over $8000 CASH!!! When I was told this, I asked to see the General Manager Vince. Just as I thought he refused to come and speak with me. I was then told by my sales rep that what she did to me was very common and they are instructed to do that by the management at Roberts Toyota. They will say and do anything to get you in the door. This is very poor customer service, I was lied to, waited my time and money, and the management would not even come out to speak with me. I am going to tell EVERYONE I know not to buy from them. 

Solution of your complaintNothing. They will not speak with me. 
ActionI WILL TELL EVERYONE ABOUT MY EXPERIANCE THERE AND MAKE SURE THAT NOBODY EVER GOES THERE. In my job I travel all over middle and western Tennessee and I will make sure all of my 2500+ customers know about this. I will also post a negitave article about this on my website that gets on average over 35,000 HITS PER DAY! 
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