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Maximizer Health Products

Posted byMegan Griffin 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Maximizer Health Products
Product/Service DescriptionFiberWeigh
Warranty StatusDo not know.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeGlen (mostly) 
Complaint Details

On March 9th, I ordered a sample of FiberWeigh. the charge for tax went through my bank account on march 13th and i recieved my bottle not long after. on march 24th there was a charge on my account from maximizer health products. i called to find out why and they told me they had sent me two more bottles and if i didnt want them i could return them and get a refund. i recieved those bottles on april 10th. i sent them back the next day. around the end of april i got a refund form in the mail from maximizer, so i filled it out and sent it back in early may. by july 2nd i still had no refund, so i called the company and was told that they were sorry but theyd send a note to the processing people and get that refund to me, but that it would take 25-30 days. on August 1st i called and asked to speak to a manager/supervisor. Glen got on the phone and i explained to him what was going on. he told me that he was sorry and i would have my refund in 3 weeks.
today is september 2nd, still no refund. i called today and talked to Glen again. he told me that there was a problem with the processing company and he didnt know how long it would take for me to get my refund. i asked if there was a number for the processing company that i could call and he said no, they dont take customer service calls because theyre too busy tryin to fix their problem. now, im usually a very calm person but i started yelling and told him that the company must not be working TOO hard because ive been waiting since march/april to get my refund. he raised his voice and told me that the records show ive only been waiting since july!!! i told him that was bullsh*t and he asked me to repeat my self. i did, and told him (again) that i was charged for xtra bottles in march and didnt get them til april...etc.. he yelled and said that all the info was on the computer screen. i asked how he figured ive only been waiting since july then, and he said "thats whats on the screen" 

Solution of your complaintim HOPING for a refund of my $36.90. 
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