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icici bank

Posted byAshish Pandey 
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icici bank
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Product/Service DescriptionCredit card
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Dear Sir

Please allow me to add a complaint against ICICI bank. I was surprised
to look at your views against ICICI bank. Please take a look at mine


I received a credit card no 4477 4770 7977 4010 from ICICI in June 06.

In the first month I received a bill of about Rs. 8000. I promptly
deposited a cheque drawn on ICICI bank in which I had a salary
account. About a week after the deadline I noticed that the money was
not debited from my account. On calling their customer care I was
informed that my cheque had been tempered(?) and therefore they had
not deposited in the Bank for withdrawal. Surprised that I was I
anyway asked that why was I not informed to which they had no reply.
They told me that a photocopy of the cheque will be sent, which was
never sent to me. Anyway I deposited cash and moved on. In the next
bill they had promptly fined me for late deposit but when confronted
they waived off the amount in the next bill. The cheque is still with
the ICICI.

In every bill since then there have been some or the other discrepancy
but they would immediately relent and would waive off the amount. But
then it was in Dec 06 that I faced a real problem with these people. I
deposited a cheque of about Rs. 20,000 again drawn on ICICI bank on
8th Dec 06 in time to settle the Nov 06 bill. I was assured by the
folks at the bank that the money will be credited by 11th Dec which
was the deadline. This time there was no issue as I check after a week
and found that the money was debited from my account. Around 25th Dec
I made a purchase of about Rs 38000 which was honored. However, I
received a mail from ICICI credit card that I have not paid my earlier
bill of Rs. 20000 and therefore the card is being blocked. It took me
about 2 weeks and 20 emails to assure them that the money was actually
paid and the money has been debited from my ICICI salary account. I
also made it clear that I will not pay any more bills till this issue
is settled. Well they did settle the issue. On 13th Jan I got an one
line email from ICICI credit card thanking me for paying Rs 20000 on
11th Jan 2007 (deadline for next payment). They have not given me any
explanation sought repeatedly as to why it took more than a month to
credit the amount after it was debited from my salary account and how
come no such information was available with the credit card division.
In actual fact they tried to make it sound that I partially paid my
bill after defaulting.

Overall they made me a defaulter twice even though I had paid the
amount on time. I repeatedly sought an explanation but curtly emailed
me a post box address where I can send a legal notice.

Right now I have a Bank statement showing that the money was debited
from my bank account on 12th Dec 2006 towards payment of my credit
card bill and a statement dated 20th Dec 06 from ICICI bank that the
money was not paid and another statement dated 20th jan 2007 from them
that the money was paid on Jan 11 2007. I also have in my record about
30 emails that I exchanged with the ICICI bank regarding discrepancies
in bill, blocking of card due to nonpayment and matters relating to
attempted embezzlement.

Please be kind enough to let me know
1. Can I file a criminal case through police for attempted embezzlement?
2. Can I file a consumer suit since it is my belief that the
information that I defaulted was sent to servers outside the ICICI
bank and effected my credit worthiness?
3. Can I file a consumer case for blocking my card and stopping
service causing harrasment and discomfort even though the mistakes
were made at their end?
4. In this regard can I demand a proper address and name of concerned
person against whom the case must be filed?
I have a feeling that there is a method in madness. I feel that ICICI
bank and its credit card division tries to make its customers default
their payments for whatever reasons. Petty fines due to default looks
like a weak revenue model but then I am not sure about the numbers
these people deal with.
The only way to see if there is a pattern is to look at consumer
complaints registered at your end.

Thanks and regards

Solution of your complaintsee the issue is complicated. Please suggest 
ActionI am going to court.  
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