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Posted byRakesh Parikh 
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Product/Service DescriptionReliance
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
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Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
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Complaint Details

Dear Sir,

I am a regular reliance customer since last 3 years. After repeatedly bringing it to notice of the people at chairmans office, my genuine problem is not solved and ultimately i had to decide shifting to some other service provider. Presently its because of very rude, humilaiting and irresponsible behaviour of the customer care person. The experience has been so bad that even afeter a week past the incidence i am still thinking to discontinue reliance mobile services in the name of 6 of my family members. I am seriously thinking of going to cosumer protection court for claiming for comensation for my financial losses due to irresonsible behaviour from reliance.

Since last two years i have been paying around 1000 rs per month as my mibile bill. There has not been a single incidence when there has been a delay of even a few hrs from my side in payment after receiving bill alert.

Reliance expects its customers to pay the bill within a few hours of intimation. Is it really feasible for any person to leave the job in his hand and go to pay reliance bill. Every time after the alert we get repeated alerts within a few hrs and by the end of the day services are discontinued.

I am fortunate enough to have credit card and am familiar with the facility of paying bill using R world. Whenever i get any alert, i immediately pay bill using R world. These payment details do not get reflected in the shabby system used by reliance and the foolish customer care executives go on sending us repeated alerts even after making payment. This is shameful and has been brought to notice of higher authorities by me many times.

This time on 14 feb i got an alert of extra usage at around 9 am. By 10 am i made payments using R world. As usuall the messages contined from reliance. At around 1 pm while i was travelling in train i got a call from some customer care personnel intimating that i should make my payment otherwise my services will be barred. I told her i have already made the payment 4 hrs back. She asked me all details including mode of payment, amoount paid, time of payment. After answering all these irritating questions i was told that my payment is not yet reflected. I told her to varify it and by the time i lost range being in train. After 2 hrs when i got range all my facilities incluing incoming, outgoing, sending and receiving messages were blocked. I tried calling up at *333. I was getting mesasge please check the number. For next 12-14 hrs while being in train i was deprived of mobile facility. I missed many important call causing financial losses. This behavior by the customer care dept was humilaiting and made me decide to discontinue my serivices and try to punish the guilty.

If such behaviour continues with valued customers, i am sure people will forget all the high tech facilities provided by the company and would prefer some other service provider.

I am sure with incresing customer base reliance does not need people like me, but its my moral responibility to bring it notice of concerned person.

Dr Rakesh Parikh 

Solution of your complaintApology and comensation 
ActionWill go to consumer protection court 
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