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HP Gas dealorship

Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
HP Gas dealorship
Product/Service DescriptionHP gas transfer from Ranebennur, Karnataka to Hyderabad ( BHEL) Current SV 1010749 dt. 08/04/2004 consumer no. 19873
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeAnahita P Daver & bschary 
Complaint Details


We have been a HP gas consumer from 23.01.2001 and my job is transferable, I got a transfer from Adoni, Andhra Pradesh to Ranebennur, Karnataka by 08.04.2004 and could get a transfer connection immediately at Karnataka as per the policy of the HP.

Now I got another transfer from Ranebennur, Karnataka to Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh. As per the policy of the HP I got the transfer documents from Ranebennur to Hyderabad and submitted to the concerned dealer in BHEL by 19.01.2007 and he assured me that after a month I will be given my gas connection on transfer.

But it is more than a month now. I am regularly coordinating with the HP customer care thru. emails, I have transfered around 10 emails betwn, them and they are asking me to coordinate with the distributor. But I went to the distributor three days back and he is in no mood of even speaking to me as if I have taken his property. He says that he has nothing to do and asking me to coordinate with HP customer care, but now HP customer care has stopped sending replies to me, though I sent five emails after this incident.

I am helpless, as I am forced to take gas cylinder from other friends for my cooking which will not last longer. Cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn this website help meeeeeeeeeeeeee?

Now my questions are :

1) Why did the HP give me a transfer of gas cylinder from karnataka to Hyderabad with the assurance that I will be given the cylinder here immediately? As I am not asking new cylinder which may be short of to HP as of date, I will taking the same 2 cylinders which I was using in karnataka.

2) The dealer says that in "Hyderabad it is is like that" I dont understand this. Can anybody tell me is there any rule in Hyd., that common public should suffer.


Solution of your complaint HP should be responsible or should change their policy of transfer or should make it public that they cannot provide the concerned service in a better way. 
Action I will go and meet the topmost responsible person in HP before deciding on my final action. 
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