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It started on 27th feb2006.i needed to get my sisters international roaming activated. i called up airtel and informed them that my sisters billing address was not chennai what is the procedure for activation. i was informed to come to any airtel outlet pay 7500 and the roaming will be activated within 2 hours. when i reached the outlet (75/3 , 3rd avenue ,annanagar t chennai040) they said i had to go to santhome.
M y sis was leaving shortly and as santhome is extremely far, i asked them to activte my sim amd paid up for the same.
We were informed that if she gets a prepaid card she will have incomin atleast.. we were asked to give acopy of the driving license, a passport photograph, a residence proof. As my sister was not carryiny a photo grapph, Mr a Saravanan refused. i had mine , so when i gave him my my driving license and photograph , he said he CANNOT photocopy my license which was extremely funny. Then he started talking to me rudely and said i will have to get it done myself . When i asked him if he had a machine in the office, which most offices do these days he refused. Mean while, there aws this executive sitting next to him and taking personal calls and was the team leader. i told him i wanted to speak to the manager he lied to me and informed me that he was the manager. This i got to know later when i called up 121 airtel customer care .Finally ,with a lot of talking he informed me the xerox machine WAs not working . If this was mentioned at the 1st go ot would not have caused such an ordeal.
1. 28th morning i tried calling up my sisters no and i could not get through.
2, Called airtel and i was informed that the international roaming was not activated.After having spent two and a half hours for one prepaid connection, they had not activated the international roaming the sole purpose for which the card was purchased.
3. i had to speak to a team leader by the name ms farheen 1st then mr sunny for an hour and was promised me he would activte asap.
4. Nothing happened, i called airtel complianed abt the mr saravanan and the situation. nothing happened.
5. fFnally after speakinh to 20 executives and repeating my story so many times i had the Airtel Privilege to speak to ine of their manager ms parvati.
6.None of the executives underrstand the importance of time and urgency. They eventually disconnect the call if you menttion the name manager OR keep transfering the call 10 times..
7.The manger did finally activated my sisters card.
8. Nothing was done about the the 2 employee at the outlet.
9. One has to be lucky to talk to the mangers of airtel.
10. i recieve a min oF 4 calls of airtel at all odd hours and there is absolutely no profeiossnal behaviour in this company. They do not understant the anxiousness the family goes through if you cannot get through to talk to someone and the word urgency and important has no value for airtel executives. i have been with hutch for nearly 4 years and serviCe is what the y giVe. As mine is a cug connection i dont have a choice for sometime.Chennai airtel executives have to pull up their socks and behave more profesional and should also emphathise with customes and be more service minded and not rude. To talk to a senior offcila should not be portrayed as an impossible task.


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