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Posted bySatish Singh 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Product/Service DescriptionICICI credit card
Warranty Status
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintOther 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeVikash Kapur, Giridhar, Rajeev 
Complaint Details

Dear Sir,
This complaints is against my frustration against the ICICI Credit Card.
I had a credit card from bank (which they had given with lots of promises saying best in the class).
This story goes back (when I was staying to my old address Jayanagar, Bangalore) to the time when bank was not sending the monthly statement on time or not sending at all. And because of this I ended paying late fee since was not knowing how much Ive to pay. After many times of frustration I stop using their card but did one mistake that didnt clear their account of around 20K-30K (not sure of exact amount). And one year back I moved to my new house in Old Madras Raod, Banagalore. Ive communicated this through over phone but somehow they havent update and I too little bothered if they havent update.
Some 8 month back when one bank executive/manager (Rajeev) contacted me we agreed upon of doing final settlement for around 25K (that time outstanding was around 65K and most of it was because of interest payment and late fee payment). I had given him a check of Rs. 10K and when I asked him to give me the final settlement letter he told me that hell send the letter with his guys the next day and hell collect the post dated cheque for the next 15K. But his guy never turned up and initially whenever called him he said oh.. you havent got the letter, well send it tomorrow and that tomorrow never come. Mean while bank started accumulating the charges by piling up as usual the interest and late fee. I had the impression that when ever they will ask for money Ill ask them about the same.

Now they have total outstanding of Rs. 1 Lacs and yday when Ive got my salary (Ive salary account in same ICICI bank for past 3-4 years) Ive found that they have lean my salary account and I cant withdraw a single paisa from it. When I went bank today I had discussion with two of Bank manager Giridhar (manager collection dept) and Vikash (Regional Manager) but after so much of discussion and they have told me that they will do the final settlement for Rs. 85K which is unacceptable to me. They were too rude and not buying any of my story and every time asking me a proof. I wanted them to take off the lean on my salary account so that the emi cheques from home loan and car loan didnt bounce but they didnt listen.
At the end Ive told that see Im not running away take the money in two installment half-half kind but they say that the existing 69K money they will not give and another 16K I should give them by next month.

Right now condition is so that I dont have single paisa with me and Im feeling that Ive been robbed up front and dont know how to survive for the month? On top of that Im more concerned about the other loan fellow which will send their person at home if they dont get their EMI at time. Ive cursed ICICI Bank and those official for being rude and got the impression that they are the white collar GUNDAS even though they were saying that they are working as per bank norm.

Solution of your complaintThey should be liberal and behave well.. We are senior manager in one of big MNC here in Bangalore. They should go as per all the statements where I see that in the same statement they have charged service tax twice or thrice. Ive that proof with me and some more. I want they to discuss with me and come with amicable solution rather than being rude and talking bogus stuff. And top of it I want bank to understand that they are not giving good services and support to their customer and once time will come when people will be so aware that they will stop taking their illegal stuff like credit card etc. Apart from this Im so frustrated that want to put demand to bank to kick these employees which do not behave well.  
ActionGod Knows ... Thinking to go to police and put FIR against them that how can they lean on my salary account? And going to consumer court too. 
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