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Affordable Dentures

Posted byDennis 
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Affordable Dentures
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Name of the Company EmployeeAffordable Dentures, Dr Young 
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I went to them, because of a salesperson on the phone, thinking I could accomplish this for less money. After all day sitting there, and getting the service, and feeling like a cow in a cattle auction being processed through, I was given a partial, it was very uncomfortable and I told them, they said it would pass. I went back next day and told them my teeth were not meshing. I did not expect to be attacked, but I sure felt I was. The Dentist yelled at me, told me I did not know what I was talking about, that it was the way it was supposed to be. I went to my regular dentist, he told me what they had sold me as a permanent device was what they call in the industry as a flipper, a temp device until the real one comes in, Affodable Dentures said that it was permanent. It is most uncomfortable, like having a wad of wax in my mouth, and this is the midrange, not the economy version. Bottom line is, I still have to get the ones that I avoided for financial reasons, they (Affordable Dentures) wont adjust or fix the ones they sold me, and are about the rudest people I have ever met. So not only do I have to spend what I originally had to spend, but I am out $750 to them. The only good thing is that their extractions are very cheap, if you can handle the pain, where they give you a small shot similar to novocaine, and then pull the teeth with an instrument that has been laying out for at least 15 minutes, and then given unsterile gauze pads for the bleeding and all that in a dirty office. Again, avoid these guys, if they could deliver what their salespeople promise, life would be good, but they are only interested in your money, not your well being 

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