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Posted byMrs Dawn Slack 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Organization e-Mailthey dont have one 
Product/Service DescriptionConservatory ( 35 Ft X 9 1/2 Feet) including construction
Warranty StatusDo not know.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeRichard Bird, Mr Pearson, gary Colborough 
Complaint Details

In August 2003, we approched Wickes to supply and construct a large conservatory for us, the sales Rep and approved builder visited our property and said this could be done. We ordered the Consevatory In OCtober. The fondations were laid in Febuary.
The date of delivery should have been 21st march 2004, however it was delivered missing many parts, so we sent it back. A week later it was delivered again and we were assured it was complete. The approved builder arrived to construct but again the order was imcomplete and had to be left under our car port.
30 March 2004 we complain to saleman, who agrees to resolve and organise new parts, 1st week of April, these arrive and the builder quickly puts up the skeleton but these then goes away on holiday. The builder does not return, we ring the saleman again and eventually the builder does come back at the end of may, as he puts up other parts, these are cracked and wrong and they have to be ordered again, problems with the construction are evident, split covers, gaps in UPVC, lots of filler everywhere.
We talk to the builder and the Salesman again, they say they will resolve.
6th July builder arrives for the last time and says its complete. My mother begs him not to leave it in this state. Windows dont shut, lots of gaps, wood above the main dorr covered with UPVC which falls off. Winow sills lift up and expose brick work, every where is filty, the garden is full of bits he hasnt used, The guttering is not fixed properly and leaks in to the conservatory, still have cracked and un alined UPVC covers, the list goes on.
I ring Wickes to speak to the Managing director a Mr Bird, but he never takes calls from customers. So I write, he aknowledges letter and says a Mark Winsbury will ring - no one does. I contact trading standards, they advise and say we are doing thing right but to issue a formal letter they send me a copy and I do this to Wickes local branch, headquaters and to the builder.
In desperation I ring the salesman he comes out says its dreadful and will write a report and resolve. We take pictures, videos and the conservatory floods with water.
After 2 weeks I ring the salesman but he has left and no-one can find the report, I ask to speak to the shop manager he is off long term sick, so I write again to Mr Bird, same letter as before Mark Winsbury will ring us.
A week later a man from the chesterfield branch of Wickes rings and says his approved builder will come out and resolve all our problems we arrange for him to come on the saturday but no-one arrives.
We are confused and really feed up. I write again to Wickes. A newly appointed customer service officer at the Daybrook Branch rings and says he will come and see us on the 12th August 2004. He arrives, takes pictures and says its bad. He will arrange for another of their approved builders to come out and write a report ( I feel we have been here before). He does and the builder comes out but tells us some bad news the builder has not sealed the roof, the electrics are unsafe and the roof is not sitting on the conservatory structure so there is a 3-4 inch overhang, which is why the guttering is not in place and why there is flooding in to the conservtory. He will estimate the cost and pass to gary for it to be resolved. Gary rings and says he has spoken to the oringinal builder and the conservatory is satisfactory, there is no problem with the roof, he has individually lifted each tile and sealed. We remind Gary of the report he was been putting together and we express our concern and frustration. Gary says he needs to take furthur advice as he is new and get back to us.
8th September we ring Wickes local branch again but Gary is away on holiday and we talk to the new store manager a Mr Pearson ( who was the chap we talked to from the Chesterfield Branch), this time he is not helpful, he says its not Wickes problem, tells me I am stupid for not relising this builder has nothing to do with them, I ask if he puts up alot of Wickes conservatories he says yes. I ask why he came out with the saleman, he says he does work for Wickes customers. I ask why we were not told, he does not answer. He tells me to take legal action against the builder. I again remaind him that when we invited Wickes to our home to supply the conservatory this was as a package. He again says to take legal action. I ask for a copy of the report he says he will try. Nothing arrives
20th September I ring Gary to clarify this is correct, He says it is but Wickes will get the oringinal builder around to put the superficial problems right, I say they are not superfical now and he has told me the builder does not agree with what is wrong. I also ask if Wickes will oversee the work, ensure its standard and pay for the materials etc. He doesnt know. I ask if he can put this in writting confirming what Wickes will do, who is expected to pay the costs incurred etc. he says he will but nothing arrives.
21st September 2004 - I am so upset I ring Wickes head office but the Mr Bird still doesnt take calls from customers, so I am put through to the customer service department. I ask to speak to the manager after being told no 4 times they put me through to a team leader, who is aggressive from the start. I explain the situation and she is adement I contacted the builder, I explain again and again, eventualy she asys they have a policy when you go to purchase a conservatory they should give you a list of 5 builders who you choose from, you then sign to say you have recieved this and you understand your responsibility. I ask for a copy of this and the document I supposidley signed, she says there isnt a copy. I then point out again I think this is their failling, not following their own proceedures and policies and now their responsibility to put it right. She says she will get someone to ring, Alister Gordon. he rings eventualy says he cannot comment on our case but points out Wicks have no intension of doing anything as its not their resonsibility.

I would like to point out their customer service is appaling not only are they often rude adn extremely unhelpful. I have a product that is not fit for use. they need training on customer service and problem resolution. I also find it beyond believe their Managing director does not take calls from customers. Only the newly appointed customer service officer has been to look at this conservatory, so how do they even know how bad it is.

We have commission a report from a building surveyor and thsi says the roof is not sealed, we could suffer water ingress in to our bungalow roof, the roof is not aligned to the main frame and he ahs listed all the problems and more he ahs alos concluded that the conservatory is very poor quality and has questioned the depth of the foundations supporting this structure.

I would like to invite any-one to come and see this conservatory and see for themselves how terrible it is and perhaps they will then think twice about purchasing this product from thsi company 

Solution of your complaintI would like Wickes to resolve the problems with this conservatory. 
Action I will continue to complain and will invite any-one to come to see the conservatory. we have also begun to seek legal advice. 
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