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Enterprise Renat A Car

Posted byNick Kraft 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Enterprise Renat A Car
Product/Service DescriptionFaiue to honor rental contract of a Mini van for the period Dec 22-29, 04, as confirmed by E mail by Enterprise
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintOther 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeCindy 
Complaint Details

I made a reservation for a Mini van Rental from Enterprise Rent a car, via the National reservation number 1-800-Rent-A Car. My reservation was confirmed by e mail with a reservation # of D6CXBQ 0n 12/11/04, for pick up at the Palm harbor location at 30674 US HIGHWAY 19 N, PALM HARBOR FL 346844411 TEL 727-789-1550. The gree price for a renatl from this location to Salyersville, Ky and return was for $451.39.
On arriving at this location the manager advised that an additonal charge of $30 per day would be added for unlimited lieage. I showed him the confirmation e mail, and his only replly was that this came from the National Eneterprise Rental system and not his store. He added that he could not make enough money at the quoted rate of $451.39.

This is a classic Bait and Switch. The mager knew that I could not find another vehicle at this late date as the Christmas Holidays were upon us.He was right, but my budget did not allow for the extra charges he attempted to extort from me. I needed the Van to take Christmas presents to KY and bring back my Christmas present, a Bassett Hound. I ended up having to take my own car, a MonteCarlo SS, much to small to carry all the presents and bring back the dog. This basically ruined my and my families Christmas.

I expect to be compensated for my expenses as a result of this bait and Switch by them.
Copy of the Enterprse confirmation e mail is available upon request.
They hang the case on the statement that this is an out of state rental. The rental agent on the National line fully understood this to be a rental to KY, as we chated about the dog and presents for a while. I was never told about any extra charges for out of state rentals.
This is just a cheap bait and switch tactic, at the last minute. The manage expected me tp takethe van with the additional charges, as he well knew that no other rental company would have a vehile avaiable at this late date. I just couldnt afford his blackmail of $30 pere day extra. 

Solution of your complaintCompensation for my expenses as a result of their failure to honor a valid price and reservation made through the Nationbal rental number, I( 1-800-Rent-A-Car, believe they ar in St. Louis. 
ActionWhat ever it takes. 
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