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air deccan

Posted byparveen goel 
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air deccan
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Complaint Details

Dear friends I faced a serious problem with this airline recently so I decided that to share with you all so that you can beware that type of air lines. I booked four tickets of this airlines from goa to Ahmedabad on 19 Jan 2007 of 25th April 2007 worth Rs 5666/- (as that was in the scheme of that month) we planned all our journey according to that we purchased a majaroda resorts trip of 3 nights & four days from 22nd April to 25th April 26, 2007 and make necessary reservations for this tour first we have to go to

Mumbai there was our stay of three days than to Goa and than goa to ahmedabad directly by this flight

Now the main problem arise when I reached Mumbai on 19th with all my family we received a call (only information call) on 21st night that the flight you have booked from Goa to Ahmedabad is withdrawn and you can claim refund if you want (no options given) I feel shocked at the time of vacation when we reached Bombay they are telling just 3 days before journey that your flight is withdrawn from that sector and you have no option to collect the same amount which you have paid to them 4 months before, I call their call centre from Mumbai and asked for the details for my tickets status they told that tickets are confirmed but we are not operating that flight from last one month ie 20th march 2007 I again shocked they if they are not operating flight from last one month than why are they telling me just 3 days before journey when I asked for the option they told that they have no options they have flight from Goa to Mumbai and Mumbai to Ahmedabad but according to their business policy they can not transfer my tickets on any other sector

Friends I find myself very helpless and trapped that time I spent more than 15000/-to get back from Goa I have to waste my complete fourth day of my majaroda trip I have to come via Mumbai and to take hotel in Mumbai again a lot of harassment, tension, stress, wastage of time and money both and they people on phone are so rude they says that you are getting full refund than what is your problem I donít understand that by paying my own money back which I have paid to them four months advance what they wants to prove in their efficiency and they wants to give my money back through my credit card whose payment is alraedy made three months ago no wi have to spent six thousand to recover my money from credit card otherwise my money was blocked till than.

I decided to take this matter to consumer protection shell but friends I need your help regarding this matter that how can I proceed in this matter I have all proofs and documents to support my case so waiting for your comments regarding this miss happening with me, please take care and beware of these type of low cost airlines

i think that
we the "travellerís","users" of this air line are fool
"managerís" "tellecallers" of this airlines are ideot
"owner" ceo of this air lines are beggers or robbers
govt. or the autoririty who looks it are blind

Parveen goel


Solution of your complainti need complete refund plus the expenses occured by me to reach ahmedabad 
Actioni have to submit my case to consumer forum legally 
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