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Posted byRichard Wisdom 
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Product/Service DescriptionBraddock Heights
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Complaint Details

My wife and I were outside of Walmart looking at some patio furniture and there was a mothers day sign on the furniture for $100 and the regular price was $286. I went into the store to find an employee to verify the price. The employee looked at the price and stated it could be the price because sometimes we have huge sales and nevertheless the furniture was sitting in the rain all night. The employee scanned the item and it said it came up as $286 but she will check with her manager to make sure. The employee called her manager and her manager stated since it came up as $286 thats what the price was. So I left it alone and proceeded to do my shopping. As we walked walked another 30 yards in the store their was another patio set with a mothers day sign on it that stated it was $286 and the regular price was $486. So we went back to the employee and questioned the pricing again. Once again they stated the price was $486 even though the sale price on that piece of furniture was marked as well. To make a long story short we spoke with the store managers and they blamed the miss pricing on kids changing the numbers on their signs and they even blamed it on the wind blowing the numbers off of the sign. To me this was an employee error that I caught and they will not honor the price. As soon as I started complaining the employees quickly started changing the numbers on the signs back to the original price. The managers have acknowledged their error and the only thing Im getting is were sorry. Which is not enough from a leader in the retail industry.  

Solution of your complaintI would like Walmart to honor the price posted directly on the Braddock Heights Patio set at $100. This wasnt a shelf item that was misplaced or mislabeled. This price was put directly on the set I want and also another set that was inside the store.  
ActionI would never shop at Walmart again and switch back to buy my groceries from H.E.B and anything else I need from Target. Plus I would promote to everyone that Walmart is not in the business to make their customers happy and to shop elsewhere. I have already contacted a local news station about this problem. 
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