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Posted bySantosh V.V. 
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Organization Name
Product/Service DescriptionOff loading of passengers
Warranty StatusDo not know.
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Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeNo one is avaiable to talk 
Complaint Details

I had booked tickets for my wife and son (3.5 yrs) to fly on SpiceJet flight 0S-216 on 3-May from Bangalore to New Delhi. PNR details : FBQ5ER.

The flight was scheduled for 17:10. On 1-May, someone called and said the flight is delayed to 19:10. Then on 3-May, at 15:00 someone called and said the flight is leaving on time. It was a great rush to get to the airport in time. The flight was delayed to take off at 17:40.

My wife and son checked in and got their boarding passes. They went through security check and were waiting in the lounge. There was no one to tell them the status of the flight. My son has to use the toilet and in the 10 min that my wife and son were in the toilet within the security check area, the airlines claimed to have made announcements, and deplaned their baggage and the flight took off. They had the mobile number of wife to call/page her but they did not. Removing luggage for a loaded plane is atleast a 30 min activity so I think they never loaded it in the first place.

The duty manager who refused to give his name was very rude to my wife, shouted at her and shunted both of them out of the airport. He refused to put her on the next flight to Delhi via Ahmedabad at 19:45. When I got back to the airport at 18:15 pm, he refused to come and talk to me either in person or on their wireless set. After a lot of back & forth with the lady at the counter, they made me pay the differential for full fare and only then put them on the next flight to Delhi.

I have the boarding passes with me to prove their incompetence and high handedness. I think they have singled out my wife and son since we had bought the tickets online for a pretty low price and I think they wanted to make more money.

I have complained via the web and when I call their helpdesk number, it is only for booking and nothing else. 

Solution of your complaintOption 1. Repayment of the differential money charged for the fare for 2nd ticket. Option 2. SpiceJet flight coupons for the differential money valid for 1 year so I can use it to fly someother time. 
ActionGo to Consumer Court 
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