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Meow House Kittens

Posted byRose Marie 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Meow House Kittens
Product/Service DescriptionSelling sickly cats using FIP infected breeding stock
Warranty StatusDo not know.
Complaint Details
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Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeShannon McGraw owner of cattery 
Complaint Details

Title: MeowHouse Kittens Cattery purchased 5 cats from well known sickly FIP cattery
Released by: Pedigree Cat Breeders Inco
Release Date: 2007-05-20 16:28:45
Summary: Being posted to protect potential pedigree buyers from purchasing from this bad cat breeder Shannon Mcgraw

May 20, 2007
Author: Public


The investgation has been completed
There were 3 different source´s that came through on naming Shannon Mcgraw of Meow House cattery in Dallas, Texas as purchasing 5 cats from Melanie Lowry of the FIP infected Lollimops catt, with intenstions of breeding these diseased cats.

Meow House cattery is breeding those FIP infected cats and selling them to unsuspecting buyers who either want to breed or have them for pets.

We know Shannon McGraw of Meow House cattery & Melanie Lowry of Lollimops cattery are doing cat trades with cats, & both these breeders are very close & communitating by email & phone. We know Shannon McGraw has 2 of Lollimops cats on her website & the others are not online.

We want to talk directly to Shannon Mcgraw now. We want to say you can kiss your cattery good bye because now that we know for sure you are breeding stock from this Lollimops FIP infected cattery you no longer will have any kind of reputation at all. You are doing the same deciet that your best friend Melanie Lowry has done for 30 years.

Any breeder knows that if one wants to breed cats or dogs or whatever the best plan is have the healthiest stock to begin with. Well not for the Meow House cattery ,Shannon McGraw would rather start off with FIP infected lines so she got 5 of Lollimops FIP cats. This way Shannon McGraw can decieve all of her buyers just like her mentor Melanie Lowry did for 30 years.


We had 3 different source´s naming Meow Cattery that has 5 of the FIP infected Lollimops cats. If you go to her site Shannon McGraw talks and says "all her breeders were choosen for their charm, looks HEALTH & personality." Shannon McGraw you decieve almost as good as your mentor Melanie Lowry.

Then Shannon McGraw goes on to name the lines she is using in her breeding program. But guess what? She neglects to name the 5 cats she got from the FIP infected Lollimopscattery. I wonder why that is? Well we all know why. Shannon McGraw knew if she did place the infamous FIP infected Lollimops name on her site she would be history for sure. And you know she is right.

Buyers when you go to the Meow House cattery website, dont believe one word of her sweet talk. It is all there to decieve you, just like her mentor Melanie Lowry of the FIP infected Lollimops. Melanie Lowry taught her well. Both Melanie Lowry & Shannon McGraw are close today, but wait until the heat gets turned up. They have already been at each others throats and its just a matter of time before they turn on each other.

Shannon McGraw does not realise Melanie Lowry is only sucking around, using Shannon McGraw because she wants kittens from that "Big Daddy". Melanie Lowry made many trades with Shannon McGraw so Melanie Lowry can do what she knows best, DECIEVE. Ms Lowry wants to replace her FIP cats with others so none would be the wiser. Well Melanie Lowry we have the pedigree to all of Shannon´s stock already.

Melanie Lowry of the FIP infected Lollimops cattery, you have have gotten away with decieving buyers for 30 years selling them kittens with no health guarantees so you would not have to dish out any money from your pocket. Those days are over. When you meet me, you meet your worst nightmare in real life.


Meow House kittens cattery is frantically denying she has 5 of Lollimops breeding cats
Ms Shannon Mcgraw can not contain herself no longer, readers. She has shared on the Ms Mcgraw would not even address the issue that she has 5 of Lollimops FIP infected cats and using them to breed. Ms Mcgraw calls this "false tales". We dont think so Meow House Kittens.

There is a recollection that Melanie Lowry who is Shannon Mcgraw´s mentor, also came on to "thank" B-PCB.INFO also for exposing her bad breeding practices that was being said about Ms Lowry. Ms Lowry said, "it helped Ms Lowry get cat sales & she made alot of good friends through all the info on our site & Ms Lowry also thanked us for all of it. And guess what? Now Ms Mcgraw is doing the excate same approach. And that is telling us so much. I guess they are a couple of copycats...

Any person or business with any mental competency, would know that having their cat friends & past kitten buyers tell them they now heard Shannon Mcgraw of Meow House Kittens cattery has 5 of the Lollimops FIP infected cats would never "thank" the person or site for more traffic & friends. That game plan did not work for Melanie Lowry and it will not work with you either Shannon Mcgraw. That is NOT how events work in the real world. That is NOT how business or friendship are promoted in this world. We know you are feeling the demise of your business and reputation on the WWW & through out the globe. We are thrilled you are finally came out from behind the shadows of your dear mentor Melanie Lowry of Lollimops FIP infected cattery you were hiding behind.

Ms Mcgraw does not even have the nerve to put on her site the pedigree of this cat named Zoe.See the phot´s of Chenel & Zoe Why? Because this cat came directly from the Lollimops cattery along with Chanel. Ask Ms Mcgraw to see the pedigree´s of these 2 cats.

The the offsprings of these infected cats from Lollimops FIP moms & dads. The offspring of the Lollimops cats they are located on her "comment page."

Ms Mcgraw will not address the fact she has 5 of Lollimops FIP infected cats and using them for breeding and selling them to her unsuspecting buyers. Then what is the Meow House Kitten going to do when her buyer calls her up and says my kitty I purchased from you died of FIP?

It states right on Shannon McGraws homepage

that she works with the finest line like Degentilly, Lollimops, Wren Brook,. Lollimops & Wren Brook Degentilly are FIP infected catteries and you call them the finest?.

Ms Mcgraw is so besides herself & actually believes that if visitors come and read her "comment page" the readers will believe she is running a healthy cattery. First of all Ms Mcgraw has had her cattery website since 9/25/05 and she only has 16 comments of all the kittens she sells, which I am sure is ALOT. Well were is all the other comments? Ms Mcgraw is not running a healthy cattery. How can she if she has Lollimops FIP infected stock and using it to breed?

Buyers do not buy from this breeder she is intensionally using FIP infected, & diseased stock from her mentor and good friend Melanie Lowry of Lollimops Himalayans & Persians cattery.[Story]


Solution of your complaintI am requesting that Shannon Mcgraw places a note on her site stating she has purchased 5 breeding cats from the Lollimops Cattery who has a reputation for breeding sickly cats and having their cats die if FIP. So this way it can warn potential buyers what they are buying into before they spend alot of money and have their kittens/cats die a short time after 
ActionAll postings would be removed from our site. 
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