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Hutch India

Posted byBorune Roy Choudhury 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Hutch India
Product/Service DescriptionService level
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating9(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeHutch Customer Service Agents and inperticular Victor Fernandes 
Complaint Details

I would like to raise an official complaint where my issue pertaining to my mobile services has been dealt with appalling customer services and a manner of resolve for a very simple issue that has not been resolved as yet, mocking behavior from customer service agents and demeaning conduct for the supervisors on the floor from different departments.

My complaint is as follows:

After changing my billing address within the same month of activation of my mobile number, I was given to understand that verification would happen on my billing address in person. I accepted the request, as I did not have a problem with the billing address verification. After a few days I received a message stating that I need to call Hutch customer services “urgently” with regards to my billing address verification. I called Hutch immediately in response to the sms message I received. This happened over 3 weeks from writing this complaint today. Ever since, I have been facing the same issue, where after agreeing to a personal verification of my billing address from Hutch, I kept on receiving sms messages stating the same need to call in urgently regarding verification.

I spoke to numerous agents in customer services stating to request verification to be carried out over the weekend or after 5:30PM on weekdays. The reason given by me for requesting the verification to be conducted over the weekend and after 5:30PM on week days was and still is, my working hours are from 7:00 AM in the morning to 4:30 PM in the evening. I can only get home after 5:00 PM in the evening and thus requested for the personal verification to happen only either after 5:30 PM in the evening or over the weekend. I am unable to go to a Hutch shop to complete the verification as I still work at home in the evening after coming home at 5:00 PM till 8:00 PM. After specifying my condition of work hours and availability during the week, I made my situation understood that I cannot be at my billing address between 7 AM to 5 PM on weekdays and my inability to visit a hutch shop (which I was later asked to do after making a call to the customer services department on the 29th May 30, 2007).

On the occasion mentioned above, I waited the entire weekend and after 5:30 on weekdays for the verification to happen, which evidently did not happen. No one came to my address to verify even after specifying the weekend being the best option to get me at the billing address. After receiving yet another cheerful sms message to call your customer services “Urgently” regarding the same issue of verification. I requested the verification to after 5:30 PM during the week. When that too did not happen, I requested for a verification to be carried out on Tuesday, 22 May 2007 or Wednesday, 23 May 2007 as I was at the billing address for the entire duration of both days. Conveniently, the verification did not happen during either of the two days even after informing the customer services and a supervisor about my situation (I spoke to a supervisor as my patience grew thin regarding the same issue that had been continuing for now over 2 weeks and the competence of the agents and the methods of working and communication of the departments within Hutch was appalling). After the reassurances of the supervisor on the floor and the other numerous agents, that verification would happen on the weekend and on the 22nd May and 23rd May, did not happen, my services were restricted on Monday, 29th May 2007. Apparently the verification personnel came on Friday, 25th May 2007 before 5:30 PM. When I called Hutch, I was given the reason that my services were cancelled due to verification not completed or failed ( I was not given a call by the verification agent who came to verify my billing address whether I would be at the address at any particular time), as naturally there was a lock on my door (As there is no one at the address during working hours).

I have made over 6 calls on the 29th May 2007 and over 10 calls Today, 30th May 2007 regarding the same issue without getting a satisfactory response from any one. All I wanted was that my line be restored till the time verification does happen on the 31st May 2007 or 1st June 2007 for which I have set the condition that the verification be made after 5:30PM made on Tuesday, 29th May 2007. I have also been extremely patient with all issues over the calls I made except when I lost my temper over one call during the same issue that has been carrying on for a long time (How hard is it to verify an address?). I fully reserve the right to express my emotions over a call under any situation when an issue is being dealt with in a inexcusable slip shod manner by any person in the customer services department or for that matter any other department.

I would now like to specify my official complaint as:
Lack of any humane comprehension of my position, the absolute inability to apply any directive to the issue, absolute inability to follow a simple work instruction given by a CUSTOMER of Hutch, Lack of morals on the part of both agents and the supervisor on the floor, outright deficiency to cooperate on all levels (This can be justified when the calls in your recorded database are closely analyzed and listened to), Lack of any directive when answering queries made by me, sending my to wrong departments, Outright defiance and non-cooperation from the agent when asked a direct question, Inaccurate, wrong and misleading information provided just to make me stop persisting, inaccurate questions asked, cutting the phone lines off without informing me ( this happened on numerous calls made by me today on the 30th May 2007 during the hours between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM) thus considered rude behavior on behalf of the agent taking the call, malicious and TOTALLY unacceptable customer service behavior, purposely not giving information and misleading statements when asked for the supervisors and agents Employee ID’s for reference and request to be put through to the cancellation department (Happened in the billing department where the supervisors name is Harish Kunder and the agents name is Victor Fernandez – {Please listen to these calls as your quality and training department are not doing their job when putting insolent and obnoxious agents on the floor} where the supervisor refused to take the call and kept refusing to talk to me, neither was the agent able to transfer the call to any manager or higher on the floor, thus I’m presuming that either the supervisors are not doing their job and making a mockery of the supervisors position thus being incompetent to handle a query or there is no one on the floor, which I find Extremely unusual and unacceptable) as well as being blatantly blunt and sarcastic when answering my questions and issues. Oh hell I can carry on with issues I have faced but it would not make a difference, as I doubt the efficiency in which this case would be handled. I am thus fed up and find it exhausting to write all the issues that I would like to complain about in this official complaint letter.


Solution of your complaintImmidiate resolution and appropriate action condemning the unjustified behaviour and manner of service. A compensation would be recommended 
ActionTake this to the consumer courts after taking this issue to the head of Hutch india 
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