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Posted byN Anuradha 
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Product/Service Descriptionkenstar 25ACF S.NO.V25FL00837
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
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Complaint Rating7(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeContacted only the local service center. didnt ve the company email add. 
Complaint Details

I bought the oven on dec 31 2005. The first problem started before the first year was over(1 year warranty)in the start of dec 2006, when i was told that the heating element (which i suppose is the main part) has to be replaced.When questioned about the necessity of changing it so soon ,i was not given a satisfying answer by the local service center (Friends Electronics,located in tambaram west, Chennai).Since it was during the warranty they replaced the heating element ,but witout any new warranty to the heating element. The oven was working only for few months ,again the same problem has occured ,the same service center says that i need to change the heatig element(beginning of may i complained abt the same).So the oven has worked for just 4 months after replacement. i am doubt ful abt the replaced part(whether it was new only?) the serviceman says that some rust like spots which has appeared in the oven must ve caused sparks and caused the problem. if that is so, in the first service itself they shold ve suggested something abt the same(i specifically asked during the first service to have it cleaned as it appeared soon after i bought the oven,but i was told that nothing could be done abt that.) I feel the heating element by itself is not of good quality. Why should the heating element be changed every few months?Whats its life? 

Solution of your complaintExplanation for the elements poor quality, replacement free of cost. 
Actionwill contact the higher authorities directly 
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