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Sears Store

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Sears Store
Product/Service DescriptionSears Heat Pump
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
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Reason for ComplaintOther 
Complaint Rating9(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeGregory in repair 
Complaint Details

I called Sears in April and stated my heat pump needed repaired. A service Tech came out and supposedly fix the problem about 35 days later I had the same problem. I called Sears and they stated that someone would be out within the week .Sears stated No charge because it falls under the 45 day warranty. The same tech. came out and stated that I had the same problem, a leak. Sears comsumer relations stated there would be no charge because it is cover under a 45 day warrant agreement if it is the same problem. The tech stated it was the same problem. Todays date is 06-07-2007 the tech came out today and also came out on 05-31-2007 when ne came on 05-31 he stated he would make the repairs on 06-07 after getting the parts and I had enough freon to last until today. However when he comes out today he charges me $435.00 for the same problem and stated he could not fix the problem because he didnt have all the parts. This upset me because I stay home from work last week and this week missin two days from work. and the heat pump is still not repaired. I called customer relations a numerous amount of time and they stated twice I did not owe anything but I quess after talking to the tech they change there story. The estimated cost ticket the tech gave me stated it was the same problem as before. i called Sears customer relations and held for a worker by the name of Marsha for 16 minutes who stated she would check on it but never came back to the line. I called Sears once again and this time a nice lady by the name of Karen stated she would text Marsha and have her to call me. Its been an hour now and no call back.. The tech for Sears just got in his truck and left without saying a word. I used a coupon the first time after I call the Sears service center and asked for a tech to come out I recevied a coupon in the mail and after the tech had diagnois the problem and came in for me to pay the bill I asked if I could use the coupon he stated yes and now Sears are trying to say because I used the coupon I am not under a 45 warranty for repais made. What sense does that make?????. 

Solution of your complaintSears need to call and explain why I held for 16 minutes and no one returned my call and fix my heat pump under the 45 day warranty for free. 
ActionLegal Action 
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