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Linens and Things

Posted byAngie Powell 
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Linens and Things
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Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating8(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeZany (one of the managers) 
Complaint Details

This store is in Macon, Georgia. This complaint is about misinformation I received and the rudeness of Zany, who said he was the manager of the store. I did not know that managers of stores were allowed to treat people so rudely. On the posted date I called the store and spoke to Zany telling him that in February of 2005 I purchased a blind for which I still had the receipt, but I could not use the blind in my home and asked him if I returned the blind since I had the receipt would I get all of my money back? I thought that maybe they would only give me back a reduced amount of money since it was summer and I knew they had new items out. And I also made a point of calling because the store is a 1and 1/2 hour drive from my home and before sending my 17 year old daughter that far, who had $40.00 she had gotten for babysitting and wanted to go to the Macon Mall to find some summer sales, and my knowing I needed to return this blind (which was 59.99 plus tax) that she would have $100 to shop with. All Zany said was, yes, I would get what I paid for the blind since I had the receipt. The problem is.......when my daughter arrives there and returns the blind she gets a store gift card for 59.99 plus tax. She told them that I had called and spoke to a man prior to her coming and that I had been told I would get a refund. The man states to her that he was the only man in the store working earlier that day and no one had talked with him and that the gift card was store policy if the item was older than 60 days. My daughter told him she knew I had called because she was sitting there when I did. He still told her no one had called. My daughter left the store called me on cell phone and told me what he said. I told her to return to the store to speak with a manager about the incident and to take the phone in because I would speak with them. She went looking for a manager, but got directed back to Zany and when asked about another store manager was told that one would not be in until the next day. While there speaking with Zany about the reason for coming all that way, he still said I had not called, so through the radio part of the cell phone I told him yes I had called and he knew I had and did not know why he was saying I had not. Her getting the cash refund was the only reason I sent her that far. He told my daughter that I wasnt going to call him a liar that she better leave the store that he was calling security. At that point, through the radio so he could hear I told him he was lying cause he knew I called. Upon my direction she asked for a number to file a complaint. Zany would not give her any number. He said she could come back and complain when he was not there. My daughter left the store. I get on my home phone and called Zany. Upon my talking with him he admitted that yes he remembered my calling-----so, I asked him why did he handle the situation as he did with my daughter and act like I was telling a lie. He said it was just a misunderstanding on the telephone and that he did not tell me that I would get a refund. That it was store policy to get the gift card. I told him, that was fine, except for the situation he placed me and my daughter sending her all the way to Macon with only $40. thinking she was going to have the other $60 to shop and that since he was the reason for the whole misunderstanding, then he should make it right and give her the cash. He just continued to argue that he did not tell me that on the phone and he could not do anything about it cause the register automatically did the gift card. He never apologized for anything at all. He acted just like it was all my fault and that he just simply had nothing to do with it. If he had just said something like, Mrs. Powell I am sorry for the inconvenience and the misinformation, but I really didnt understand exactly what you were saying on the phone......that would have been better than him taking absolutely no responsibility for it and treating my daughter like he did in the store. I told him that he was not a very good manager because of the rude way that he handled this whole situation and that he was not good at taking responsibility for his mistakes or at customer service. He said, "thats right, Im not." How do people like him get management positions? Are there some kind of customer service classes these people have to take? I did get a customer service number from Zany to call and make a complaint to the headquarters. 866-568-7378. I called that was after hours. Left a message. I have not heard from anyone there. Called again today....after hours again. Left another message.  

Solution of your complaintI want to return the gift card for cash. I had my daughter drive 1 and 1/2 hours to shop and she did not get to do as much as we thought she would because I did not send her any other money because I was under the impression she was getting the cash refund. I want an apology to me and my daughter for Zanys mishandling and rudeness of the situation.  
ActionNothing. In the end, Zany will get what is coming to him for mistreating people. He should not be allowed to manage a store. 
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