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Posted byManoj Ahuja 
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Product/Service DescriptionTATA landline
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Hello Sir,

I am very upset and the Reason is the Pathetic Service by Tata Indicom.I want the enrire world to know How Tata Indicom cheats its Customers in the way of False Billing its Customers.Please go through this entire E-Mail and publish it in all your News Papers.If Possible get me a Resolution as well.

I have this Tata Indicom Landline # (022) 56002389 since April 2004.I have paid over Rs.20,000/= just in Bills.I never bothered to ask for the itemised billing.
However, in the month of April, I suddenly got a bill for Rs.2,142/= which was unexpected. I called thousand number of times,launched repeated complaints spoke to the managers on the 121 Helpline# & finally after 1 & half months I got an itemised Bill for April.There was no issue in that Bill.Now I also asked for an Itemised bill for May 2005.To my horror,I see that most of the calls billed to me are fake.
This is how Tata Indicom Landline works :- The minute you dial a number,the timer starts on the phone.I was told that I would be billed only after the person on the other line picks the phone.But if you look at this bill,I have been charged for all calls which are even less than 1 Minutes time.Now I am 100% confident that those were just No Answers & No one ever picked the Phone.Also if you have a look at the bill, on April 4th,which was a Monday, I had made calls on 55974737 which is under “Ethos Electronics”.I made several calls and the next day I realised that this shop is closed on Monday’s.Now on the bill,I have been charged for all those calls.
And this is just for one month.I got calls from TATA asking me to pay the bill.I asked them for Itemised bill for the last one year free of cost.They were very Rude & said they will not send that.
Now I have no idea how much money have I paid just like that.So kindly look into this & do something so that I get a Rebate for the entire Last 14-15 Months.
I had launched a complaint in May for the false Billing,but they said that They investigated & came to a conclusion that those were not Missed calls,but those were connected Calls.They were also very very Rude.The Complaint # was : 15181437..
Whatever they have done is all fraud & cheating. So Please take the necessary Action & make every one aware so No one ever takes TATA Connection.

Thanks & Regards,

Manoj Ahuja

(Ph# (022) 56002389/ 9324344799)
Address :- C-7, My Divine CHS, Aziz Baug,
Mahul Road,Chembur,Mumbai-400074


Solution of your complaintAn itemised bill for the last one year with a rebate for all calls under a minutes time. 
ActionLegal Notice from my Lawyer-Mr.Suresh Jodhani 
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