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Posted byJohn 
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This goes back a few years.
I was called by MCI and offered a "deal" for their local phone service. They said it would be 19.99 a month for all the options I already had, caller id etc...

So I switched to them and the bill comes and it was $40, twice what it should have been.

I called them to complain and they said sorry but that is the price. I said disconnect me then and then I called my old phone company and switched back to them.

MCI kept on billing me for every month even after I switched off of them. The bill got upto over 200 bucks. I called them and they said their info showed I was still with them. I called my phone company I had switched back to (SBC) and they said I was with SBC for several months now.

Well, back and forth and back and forth and then they finally MCI acknowledged that I had switched away from them and started sending bills for 66 bucks to me saying thats what I owed to close the account. I had already sent them a check for the 1.5 months I was with them but they want more money that I dont feel I owe them. I already paid them too much (remember they lied to get me to switch).

I felt like I was dealing with the mafia.

Now they have a collection service calling every day wanting the 66 bucks.

I have a friend who lives nearby and the same exact thing happened to him.
They were lied to, had problem switching back, and feel they paid to much.
They finally just paid the bill because they were worried about the credit report when they wanted to buy a car.

I see the old boss B. Ebbers just got 25 years for the fraud he committed while running MCI.

Anyone else have this happen to them?
Any way to deal with it?

Solution of your complaintMCI should say they lied and zero my balance. They may as well delete my name because I will never, never be a MCI customer again. I wish they would go out of business. 
ActionI am not paying.  
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