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Posted byPrakash Ganoo 
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Product/Service DescriptionAirel connection at Rs 199 sold by Aapco Marketing
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
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Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMs Swati Kamble, Nodal Officer, Airtel, Mumbai 
Complaint Details

Airtel, through their franchise Appco Marketing (India) Pvt Ltd. ( Representative Mr Saha 98 818 45197) approached me at my residence (Dombivli) on 15th May 2007 and misrepresentated me by saying that since there is some tower being commissioned near my residence, on that eve Airtel is giving connections in Rs 199, with equal amount talk time. Since I liked the offer I took three connections, 2 full value and one Hot Line.

Everything was OK till I received the bill. All along your Relationship Manager Mr Momin Rashid (98 670 46583) was calling me to check if I have any problem and insisting that I should pay my bill on time and before date. the Bill due date was 11th June 2007. On 9th June when I went to pay the bills at the Airtel Dombivli Gallery the front office clerk over them told me that the bills have already been paid and they have been charged to my credit card. Mr Saha had taken from me copies of PAN Card, Ration Card and Credit Card, but did not tell me that the bills will be sent to my credit card. When I again approached Mr Momin Rashid telling his that this is shocking to me because reputed company like Airtel should not hide facts from customers and rope in customers. He still did not divulge me all the details and tells me to go to the Airtel Gallery to reverse the arrangement . When I approached the gallery for disconnecting the arrangement of charging the bills on my credit card, the officer there tells me that if I reverse the Credit Card charging facility then I will have to pay deposit of Rs 500 per account.

This is where I lost my faith for Airtel. I did not like the way the connections were sold to me by hiding facts. If Airtel doubts the credentials of their would be customers and feeling insecure they should not approach the customers home uninivited and rope them in. Neither Mr Saha of the Aapco Marketing nor your Relationship manager Mr Momin Rashid told me that it is this kind of arrangement. In fact one more occupant from my building took connection from same salesman and his bills are accepted in cash, without any payment of deposit or credit card arrangement. They were hiding from me that the bills are going to be charged to Credit Card and only pleading with me that the bills should be paid in time, etc. Now that I have disconnected my old mobiles and informed the new Airtel numbers to my friends, I am in a fix, but I am so disheartened that company like Airtel should hide information from would be customers. Surprising part is the Relationship Manager himself is pleading with me that what he can do? They come in only after sales. I told him that this is where the Relationship Management comes in.

My letter to Nodal Officer, received only 2-3 calls from the Nodal Officer, Ms Swati Kamble, but the issue is not resolved and she did not even give the call which she promised to arrange between me , her and the marketing team.

Now after such salesmanship, I am even doubting the features under he plan that is sold to me.

I await to hear from you.

Solution of your complaintDisconnect the arrangement of charging the bills to my Credit Card and allowing me to pay directly, without asking for deposit. Since I was not told why the card details are taken from me. 
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