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Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
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Name of the Company EmployeeRAHUL SEN 
Complaint Details

Sub: IFB Digital 6 kg WHITE F.AUTO.WM. purchased from “Great eastern appliances Pvt Ltd vide tax credit memo number B 6136 dated 23/2/2006
Re: The Machine is giving tremendous problems from day 1 of purchase and till date we have not been able to use it to our satisfaction – have complained so many number of times and have been attended by your technicians unsuccessfully.

This matter is well known to following persons in your company:

1) Mr Mehra (as per email hereunder, understand he is not working with you anymore)
2) Mr Rahul Sen, I spoke to him day before yesterday in length and also during my last trip to India in early june-07, (93310-86913)
3) Mr Malay Chatterjee, he stays in Konnagar which is near my India residence of Hindmotor and he has even visited our house multiple times in this regard
4) Mr Sujit ghosh - technician who has visited for repair of this machine a few times
5) Other technicians whose names are not known to us

Background: I am an NRI for last 11 years, presently staying at Jakarta, working with Indorama Group as GM (Finance & Projects). We have our house in Hindmotor where my old parents live. Last year, during one of my India trip, I purchased IFB washing machine (100% automatic) from Great Eastern. I myself being a user of Automatic washing machines of “Bosch” and “Samsung” for last 11 years abroad had great faith in these machines which give wash & dry comfort without much efforts and since my parents are old, I purchased it for their convenience. It was purchased with a cost of INR 24,000 and additional amount of INR 1400 for trolley etc.

I left for Jakarta immediately after purchase, could not see the installation and running of the machine. Immediately after my return, my parents started telling me that machine is not working properly and that they have regularly complained to IFB service centers (2622-5772, 2622 4765, 98302-93113 – these numbers were with us for service centers).
There was no response from the service centers except that they gave a demo on 2/3/2006.

I had to intervene from abroad and went to your website and lodged a complaint on 2nd Aug 2006 (as below). We already had a BPL washing machine (Semi-automatic) which we kept on using since this IFB machine was not working most of the times. Based on my complaint, your ex-manager Mr Mehra called my residence at Hindmotor and sent the technician to our house and gave verbal comfort to my parents, including assurance that machine is fine. However, in spite of his efforts, results did not come well and the machine kept on troubling us regularly.

The technicians used to come for repair and spent few hours on the machine but could not repair it well. I came to India in March for a week and saw them suffering as before. Then again I came in early June and spoke in detail with your technician Mr Sujit ghosh who spent so many hours in repairing the machine but could not. He gave numbers of Mr Rahul Sen whom I called up and spoke 2-3 times and he promised to look into the matter and discuss with Mr Chatterjee who knew the subject from beginning. I mentioned then and there to him that we are not satisfied with the machine. Nothing came up and I left again.

Then my father expired and I came again 15 days back to Kolkata. The same problem I saw that machine was not working. We had so many relative at home to share the grief and we faced tremendous problem because our ladies had to wash the clothes manually and there was no use of having the IFB AUTOMATIC WASHING MACHINE. After our complaint, your technician again came (2 people) on Monday, 9th Jul and spent 6 hours on the machine but could not set it right. They said they would come on 10th Jul again but did not. Then on 11th July, I called up Mr Chatterjee (he was in Goa) and then Mr Rahul Sen.

I mentioned that we are highly dissatisfied with the machine and want this to be returned back as this is proven beyond doubt that this Machine has a manufacturing defect which is beyond repair. I purchased the machine to bring comfort for my old parents, not for bringing suffering to them like they have gone thru post purchase of this machine. The Machine at present in lying un-repaired and we are no more interested in retaining this machine. Yesterday, on 12th Jul, we have purchased ELECTROLUX semi automatic washing machine to take care of our washing needs.

I am writing this email in such details to put the matter black and white in front of you. I am leaving for Jakarta on 15ht evening and would be available on email and my contact numbers would be +629159201632 (mobile) and +62217258453 (residence). I would also be available on this email. Till 15th evening, my contact number in India would be 033-26943171 (my Hindmotor house number).

I am humbly requesting to IFB, as a fair customer, in spite of so much sufferings to my old parents, to take back this machine and return the money spent by us in purchase of the machine. If IFB accepts this, I am ready to forego any compensation for our sufferings, including wastage of my valuable time in following up for the repair of this machine with your team.

Solution of your complaintCompensation for the price of the machine and life the machine back from our house is the first choice.  
ActionGo for a legal case on the ground that there is a manufacturing defect in the machine which their technicians are not able to solve inspite of regular visits. 
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