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Whirlpool India Ltd

Posted byArchana Lakshmanan 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Whirlpool India Ltd
Product/Service DescriptionWhirlpool Refrigerator Model No. Ret (7125) 450 , Chassis No. 6196143, Bill No. 490
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for Complaint 
Complaint Rating1(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMr. Sanjay Gupta 9212711561, Mr. Narender 9212711562, Mr. Rajesh 9212711565, Mr. Manish : 46015215, 9891423201, Mr. Mehndiratta 95129-6512539, Mr. Rathore 95129-6512538 
Complaint Details

I purchased a 450 liter fridge ( model no. FF 450 Elite , chassis no. 6196143 ) from the WHIRLPOOL factory through their direct marketing agency ‘ M/S V. MARKETING ’ ,X – 48 Okhla Phase –II , New Delhi – 110 020, vide invoice no. 490 , Book no. 10 dated 10.02.07 for Rs.20,700 for my new house in Gurgaon. The fridge had a warranty of 1 year. Within one month the fridge started giving problems. The Whirlpool service centre was contacted and a service engineer visited the residence and changed some parts. On returning from my office , I realized that the fridge was not working, so once again I contacted the service centre. They came after two days and changed the compressor. Even after changing the compressor the fridge was not working, so an engineer came and filled up gas. Since the fridge was still not working, the compressor was once again changed but still the fridge was not working. In this heat no one can imagine what my family went through. I had to buy meals from outside as I could not keep any food in the fridge and had to throw away an enormous amount of food which had got spoilt.
I have been constantly ringing up the service centre and contacting various officials of Whirlpool for the last two months. After a lot of persuasion they finally agreed to replace the fridge. Later they told me that they could not give a 450 litres model, as they said that the model had been discontinued. I was forced to agree to take a 400 litre fridge as a replacement. Whirlpool took one week’s time to process my request. Finally on 18th July after making all the promises for replacing the fridge they informed me that a 400 litres fridge would cost Rs 33,625 and I should make a bank draft for the balance amount of Rs 12,925. I got the draft made and was waiting for the delivery of the fridge as promised. They then informed me that a 400 litres model was also not available and I should accept a 350 litres fridge. On 19th July, I informed Whirlpool that the 400 litres fridge was available with many dealers at a cost of Rs29,000. After keeping us hanging for months, they were also charging us extra for the 400 litre model. They informed me that they were contacting the dealers and would try and get the fridge by 21st July, but till date it has not been delivered.
The Whirlpool dealer as well as the factory officials have stopped answering my telephone calls.I am still suffering without the fridge and a house full of guests.
House no. 721 , Sector 15 Part II
Telephone 95124 – 2220662
Mobile 98103 95304

Solution of your complaintReplacement of defective fridge with a 45o ltrs. capacity, and compensation for discomfort, mental harrassment since purchased, etc. 
ActionIssue legal notice and Approach Consumer Court 
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