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Sony Ericsson

Posted byGummadi Ramakrishna Rao  
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Sony Ericsson
Product/Service DescriptionSony Ericsson K750i
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintReliability 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeSS communications 
Complaint Details

i have purchased a new sonyericsson K75oi model mobile phone on 12 th- macrh -2007 and the manufacturing date of the mobile is 12- jan -07 .

The phone had a problem of hanging this problem occurred on 16th june . i went to Sony Ericsson authorized service centers in ameerpet-hyderabad for getting it serviced since it is under warranty .Below is the solution that the service center provided to me

1)First they said it was software problem and updated the software and hand overred it to me

2)It still did not work . They said that it was a mother board problem so they atleast 3 working days to service it and replace so iwent on June 21st to collect my mobile

3)Again on june 21 st they generated new jobsheet(a form used for identification of customer mobile with their mobile number ,address and, problem of mobile along with some id which has its data stored online) . They said that this part needs to be replaced so they need to send it to mumbai for getting it to replaced and asked me to collect the mobile after a weeek

4)Again after a week i went there he changed version and said that he put up a mail to the manager stating the problem and in one or two days he will get the part ,and will replace the part and handover it to me once he gets it , after two days i have been there and he said that the mobile still did not return it may take another week

5) I explained him the problem that i need my mobile quickly ,because i work for prestigious software concern where i have a call from US every night i need to have interaction with client so make the delivery quickly by solving the problem and even i called up the Sony ericsson customerservice and compalined abut it

6) after delaying it for 20 days on 10 th july he called that my mobile has come up and asked me to collect the mobile

7) On june 10 the i have collected the mobile i gave my iD proof and did not collect the problem rectification form since they said they have just opened the shop, Then i said i will collect in the evening

8) The next Day To my surprise i found that the mobile was not mine and when i insert my Memory Card it is again hanging and also had some variety problems with the camera . i confirmed this also by checking the IMEI number(and identification number that every mobile has ) which was also changed . The same day i called up the service center fellow at 6:30 in the morning and complained abut it ,again he said that get the mobile to service center

9) He found that the memory card insertion functionality was not working then again he asked me to leave the mobile . i said i m in urgent need of the mobile for communication
atleast arrange a mobile for communication , he said mean while use this mobile when i get ur mobile i will call u and inform u then u can collect ur mobile and job sheet complation form

10) i waited for anothet 10 days he did not call me . when i ve been there on july 21 that is exactly after one month i gave my mobile he said that again i need to give this mobile for repair which may take another 5 days for repair . and he was confirming that i cant get my mobile back

11)I was really embarassed and i also found out that the manufacturing date of this mobile was old when compared to my mobile . I desparately need a mobile for communication taking the advantage of this situation he asked me to rather live with the existing mobile or rather give it for servicing which might take anothet 1 month

12) Not only that i lost my original mobile .But also they gave me an old mobile which is in very bad condition . but i made sure that while taking report form that it contains all the details of what they have done and i have signed stating that i am not satisfied with the service


Solution of your complaint1) Get my original mobile in working condition or else replace with new mobile but not with any old mobile which was used by some one  
Actioncomplaint in the court and send them the notice  
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