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Product/Service DescriptionBeing charged for problems with a loaner car they let me drive while vechile was being fixed.
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
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Reason for ComplaintOther 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeErnie the service guy and the manager 
Complaint Details

I called and told them the problems with my car. They said oh bring it in and we will have you fixed in just a little while. Well when they checked it out this was around 9:00 am, they indicated it would be 3:00PM that afternoon before it was fixed. I offered to rent a car and Ernie said let me talk to the manager and they give me a 2005 Toyota Avalon to drive back to work until that afternoon when my car was fixed. After a few miles down the road I heard a slight roar in the rear end of the new car. I drove on and didnt think much of it. And about 20 miles out the roaring was really loud. I pulled over and the tire was flat. The tire never made any bumping noise. I had to walk about a mile down the road and flag some help down. They let me use the phone and I called the dealership. They sent a tow truck out to fix the flat. I then went to work and when I took the car back that afternoon. They made me pay for the tow truck which was $75.00 and $155.00 dollars to replace the tire that went flat. Would they have made me do this if I was test driving the car. I think this is out ragious and I will never do business with this Dearlership again.  

Solution of your complaintRefund my money that I had to pay for driving this new car. This was their fault for lending me a new car to drive when I offered to rent one.  
ActionI have made an appointment with an attorney.  
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