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hyundai, hdfc chubb

Posted bysugreev juneja 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
hyundai, hdfc chubb
Product/Service Descriptionhyundai santro xing DL 3CAL 2526
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company Employee4-5 
Complaint Details

Dear Sir/Madam – Dated August, 3 2007.
Sub: Grievance Redressal – against Hyundai and HDFC Chubb.
This is a short note on what has been done by Hyundai and HDFC Chubb whereby my claim has been unduly delayed for period of approximately 60 days now. In view of the facts and circumstances I am left with very few options and now I have come to you guys and soon I will be taking legal action against both Hyundai and HDFC Chubb. I would here by like to bring to your kind notice some of the facts:-
1) I am the owner of a SANTRO XING, bearing registration number DL 3CAL 2526 and on 3rd June 2007, when my father Mr. Satinder Kumar Juneja was driving the car, on his way back home he met with an accident in which the car toppled. The details of which already been provided to the Hyundai Motor Plaza, A-30 Mohan Cooperative Industrial Area Phase-I Pin: 110044. The policy number for the same is VP00267591000100.
2) On the very next day i.e. 4th June, 2007 I had informed the personnel in the Hyundai Showroom and enquired as to whether I was supposed to file an FIR for the same and I was informed that as there had been no bodily injury to any one whatsoever there was no need for the same. And the car was sent to the showroom for assessment of damage and repairs.
3) After around four odd days some one from HDFC Chubb Insurance I got a phone call informing me that an FIR was mandatory and consequent of which I had to run from pillar to post to get the same. After following up with the police department for nearly five days I was informed that I could not be given an FIR in any case.
4) Upon this I was informed that I have to give an affidavit stating that there had been no third party claim and in case if it arises in future I will bear the costs, which was duly provided to the concerned personnel on 12th June, 2007.
5) After this entire saga which stretched over a period of 15 days, I was then informed that the driving license which was provided by me (held by my father) did not specify that he was authorized to drive a LMV and thus my claim will be stuck up.
6) I have given the concerned personnel a report by an assessor which clearly mentions the fact that my father is authorized to drive a LMV and in case it is upon the insurance agency to verify the fact and sanctity of the documents provided by me.
7) After around 60 days of meeting one person and another from both Hyundai and HDFC Chubb I have been now informed that my claim for a “CASH LESS” cannot be processed as the license does not specify whether the driver is authorized to drive a LMV.

It is indeed sad the way both Hyundai and HDFC Chubb is treating its bona fide customers. The way I have been treated over the last 60 days has been a terrible and a surprisingly tiring and disgusting process. There has been an absolute lack of professional attitude both on the part of personnel from Hyundai as well as HDFC Chubb. I have been given no update whatsoever since I have filed my claim and every time I have tried to get some information either I have been referred to a new person, most of whose name I don’t even remember and every time there is a new excuse for delay. The delay seemingly comes from all sorts of causes ranging from absence of the employee to rains to anything one can imagine.
The lack of professional attitude touches its epitome when the personnel who have the courage to stand up and walk out of a meeting when I am trying to explain my position to them. They either walk out for a snack or to attend their personnel calls during the office hours.
I have recently asked for a written update from Hyundai as well as HDFC Chubb to establish the fact that there has been an undue delay. To the same there has been a great reluctance and surprisingly strong resistance.
One more thing I would like to add here is that when Hyundai is busy selling cars and HDFC Chubb is busy issuing policies they pretend as if customer is a God for them and once the same customer lands onto trouble they take least of the efforts to help him out.
There is so much of paper work involve and the kind of enquires and time is wasted is simply nothing less than a cold blooded torture.
In the mean while I have already consulted my legal attorneys who hold a very good reputation at the Bar and are recognized faces in the Courts across Delhi and I have been informed that on factual basis I stand a very good case.
I would kindly request you to go through my case and help me if in case you can as soon I will be moving the appropriate judicial bodies.
In case any further clarification is needed you can feel free to contact me.

With warm regards,
Sugreev Juneja.


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