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Posted byArchana Kumari 
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Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
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Reason for ComplaintOther 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMr. Akshay, Area Service Manager 
Complaint Details

I have a complain of defamation, misbehaviour and economic damage by the dealer of a major brand, Samsung. Actually I have bought, a semi automatic Samsung Washing Machine, 9300 on 13.07.2007 by paying through my credit card from Samsung Digital Plaza situated in Priya Complex, 4, Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi Ė 110057. Prior to that I had seen the advertisement of this company in TOI just two days ago, that they were offering a set of cooking ware with semi automatic w/machines. I was in need of this. Though I also saw the ad of Whirlpool w/machin which was offering a gift of worth Rs. 1495 on the same product, I chosed to go with Samsung. In this showroom, they first denied about the scheme, but later said that the offer was over. On saying that I can show you the newspaper in which the ad was appeared, they agreed that the scheme was still there and they could provide me the gift with the machine. After payment they had given me the packed set of cooking ware. I trusted upon them and didnít open the set. When I got the machine, I found that its back portion was crack and when I opened the pack of cooking ware, I found that all parts were mismatched, the handles were not fitting with the bowls, even the nuts were not appropriate. It was all useless and crab. Then I went to the shop for replacement of it and the back of the machine. Its owner treated me very rudely, shouted at me and said that he was not responsible for any of these faults, even if the machine was in guarantee period. He also said that if he was ready to replace the cracked portion, it was his mercy, but certainly would not do anything about the cooking range. He also alleged me that I had changed the parts of the cooking range, which is ridiculous. He bluntly said that if I didnít want to keep it as it was, I could throw it outside. I tried to tell him that he was a representative of his brand and he cannot behave like this morally or legally, but he threatened me to do whatever I wanted. There would be no effect on him and even if I would go to the MD, he would be able to manage, because I was a small fish for him. This was such a mental torture and moral degradation, that I m not feeling well even today. He could be violent with me and my sister and little daughter were also with me, very frightened, so I left the gift there and came back.
I was harassed mentally and morally. There is no moral value, no trust factor, no responsibility and no equivalent return of the money I paid for.
Few questions are still haunting me. How can one trust any brand or scheme, why a consumer would bear the humiliation, defamation and demoralisation by a shopkeeper. Was I asking for any favour, I was just asking for my genuine right and the equivalent return of the money in terms of services, I paid for.
What should I do now to teach a lesson to such a cheat, dishonest ruthless man for being so irresponsible, doing misbehave with me, breaching my trust, harass me mentally and humiliating me in front of all his staff crew? Please help me. I am still annoyed and do not want to bear this exploitation.
I am working at Idian Institute of Mass Communication as Course Coordinator. Should I go for inhouse complain in Samsung,but I want to talk to the higher authorities only. If u want any other detail, I would send it to you. U can contact me on my mail ID.


Solution of your complaintThey should return me a perfect set of the gift with respect and the dealer must pay compensation for his behaviour ( though the humiliation cant be compensated). I want to teach him a lesson, so that he dare not to behave like this with a lady customer and canno challenge her dignity. 
ActionI will go to consumer court but would not let it go and would continue to struggle till I get the justice. 
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