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Tata Motors Ltd

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Tata Motors Ltd
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Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
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Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMotorsales Ltd, Charbagh, Lucknow (Tata authorised service centre) 
Complaint Details

I purchased my Indica DLS E-11 from Goldrush Sales & Services Ltd, Lucknow and since I service we are facing problems in servicing , I have done my first 2 free service from Goldrush , Chinhat, Lucknow , but dut to not proper servic & customer satisfaction , I have started servicing from Motorsales Ltd, Charbagh , Lucknow which has opened new service centre of Tata Motors since last 1 year i have been doing servicing of my car at motor sales ltd., charbagh, lucknow but since last 3 months i have been facing problem i servicing and no one i bothered about customer problems , as i have given my car for service on 30/04/07 at motor sales, lko for some denting & painting work in which they repaired my car and return to me , but on 14/5/07 by car heated and stopped and i send my car on 15/5/07 in which they find at the fan was not connected during the previous service and added the coolent and returned by car to me, then again my car started heating and I took my car on 16/6/07 for servicing and engine nioce , brake noice , oil loss and other small problems , they checked the car and returned back , but the engine noise again and I again took my car on 22/7/07 , and they said that the pump has to be repaired and told to take the car next day , they repaired te pump , but the engine noise increased and they again get the pump set and adjusted the timing of the car and give my car on 26/6/07 after 5 days , but the noise of te engine increased for which complaint at TAta Motors that my car was not properly serviced and they also told me that the ctutch was also to be done , after that i took my car to Walia Service Station, Kanpur Road for the same problem , there they told me that te pump was not adjusted and is to be dome again , and told me that i have already done the pump repaired at Motor sales in warranty and told me to get it repaired there only , ten i took my car at motor sales they told that this noice will remain in the car and then i again complaint at tata motors , after that on 13/7/07 Mr. Rupesh Kumar from Motor Sales comes to me i my office wit an apology letter signed by mr. Adarsh Panday - Front Office incharge and tol me to send the car again and he will take care and my car will be repaired properly , so I again took my car on 31/7/07 to change my back bumper , one back light and some painting work and rest all work which has to be done in the past , and i rang to Mr. Rupesh and took my car at 9.30 am with my driver and Mr. Rupesh with Mr,. Alok noted the problem and the work to be done and I was in regulat touch with both of them and on 2/8/07 Mr. Alok said that the Accidental work has been done and my car was transfered at the Mechinical wing and i have to contack there , then i contact Mr. Rupesh on phone to took care that my all problem was attented this time and when I send my driver to see that the car work has been done , he reached these around 3.00 p.m , but was surprised that they were saying that the engine sound was checked and the clutch was adjusted , but on trial the engine was not sounding proper and the clutch work was not done , and then they told to take the car tommorow and come in the morning they will call the pump mechanic , on next day i.e. today 4/8/07 my drived reached motor sales at 1.30 a.m and sees that the car was outside the gate of the workshop and despite 1.00 p.m no one was these to attend my car , he called me I went at the workshop at 1.30 p.m and talked to works manager , he did not know any of the problem , i explained all the things and tolk me that your car work will be done today only and i will get my car late in the light and went from te workshop, not till 2.30 my car was still outside the workshop and when i asked that when my car will come inside and the work will start , the person in the customer area told my shouted at me , so than i asked to give te complaint book , but no one give to me then i told that give my car and i paid for the job done by them and took the car back at 3.00 p.m without the work done ., My car reg. no UP 32 BF 5828 Motr Sales Tel no. 0522-2630833/2630835-36. 

Solution of your complaintTata Motors should have their one person at the service centre who should look about these problem and get it solved as these service centra has no proper customer complaint personal to whom they can contact and get the work done. 
ActionMe a car owner will fell that it was a very wrong step to take a TATA Car and in futrue of my life i will not take any TAta car. 
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