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Mechmen Motors

Posted byU.S.Vijaywargiya 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Mechmen Motors
Organization e-Mail 
Product/Service DescriptionTATA Indica V2DLS, MP04CA0967,
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMechmen Motors 
Complaint Details

Subject : regarding my newly purchased Indica V2DLS

Dear Sir,
In connection with above I wish to narrate as under…
1. I purchased Indica V2 DLS No. MP04CA0967 on 28.12.05.from Mechmen Motors, Bhopal.
2. It was first noticed on or around May ’06-end that is slightly before its first servicing due i.e., 28.06.06 that its AC was non-functional. It was brought to the notice of the Mechmen Workshop people. They kept the car open for few days and returned after refilling the gas.
3. It was again brought to the notice of the Mechmen workshop people and a complaint lodged on 17.07.06 that the gas they filled has leaked and the AC was again not functioning.
4. They carried out the necessary investigations and again filled the gas and returned the same.
5. Again the gas got leaked. Extreme resentment was shown at the torture, mental and physical that a retired person of 65+ was compelled to undergo through my letter dated 03.10.06 and they accepted that there was some manufacturing defect. The car was kept in the Mechmen garage for couple of days as the new AC kit took time to arrive from company.The Mechmen people then replaced the entire AC kit.
6. In this process second free servicing time i.e., 28.12.06 arrived and it was done.
7. It was then observed that the milo-meter of the car was disrupted. It must have been during the process when the entire car was kept open for couple of days in Mechmen workshop for AC system repair that this defect might have crept in by lapse of the job performers.
8. The car was again admitted to the Mechmen workshop for the repair of the Milometer.
9. It was then suddenly observed that the two rear wheels of the vehicle were wearing excessively on the inside.
10. The defect was understood serious and was brought to the notice of the Mechmen Engineers.
11. They carried out the wheel-balancing and wheel alignment process and returned the car to me. I wanted that the wheels tyre be also changed upside down but the Gobindpura Mechmen W/S asked us to get it done from open market.
12. The entire matter on the behest of one of my colleagues, a mechanical engineer, was again reported to the Mechmen W/S Hoshangabad road and they too carried out the wheel balancing and alignment with changing rear tyres upside down.
13. At the time of third free servicing again the wheels were aligned and balanced on payment.
Please note that…

It is true that the car was used on the comparatively and reasonably good roads of Bhopal, the capital.
It is also true which your Mechmen engineers will confirm that the Indica car is being used/driven by me and my daughter both of whom are acceptably good drivers. I possess International Driving License.
Through out the above period, the car remained under constant watch and supervision of the Mechmen engineers.

How is that your engineers did not note the uneven wearing of the two rear tyres.
How is that the defect was so serious that they had to change some major part connected to the wheel body to stop the uneven wearing. Is it not shame on the part of TATA motors that a person 65 + and Heart Patient is forced to carry his new TATA Indica V2DLS car to your authorized workshop seven-eight times in a period of one year.

By narrating the above my purpose is to express extreme resentment at the casual service attitude of Mechmen engineers. Their negligence has caused great great inconvenience to me and a feeling of’bad omen’ in respect of the car that I possess.

Although on several instances, I requested for the replacement of this defective piece that I have purchased, but my request was never upheld by your dealer. I thought of going to the consumer forum but at an age of 65+ all these strifes tell upon one’s health. Now therefore , I want that all the four tyres of my car be replaced by the Indica company/ mechmen motors free of cost. This is minimum and in fitness of a good salesman.

The datewise account of the repairs carried out and the amount incurred is also attached.

Yuors Sincerely

(U S Vijaywargiya)
S.No. Date on which Name of the Workshop Repairs Payment made Date on which Name of the Workshop Details of Repairs taken up payment made
Vehicle was taken up the vehicle was
Admitted to the admitted to the
Workshop Workshop

1 17 to 20.06.06 Mechmen Workshop First Free Servicing, Rs 2950.00
Gobindpura Under Body Treatment Wurth
(AC non-functional reported, the ve-
hicle kept for 3 days for locating
fault but not mentioned in the report)
2 17.07.06 Mechmen Workshop AC Cooling Insufficient nil

3 28/29.07.06 Mechmen Workshop Check AC System & determine nil
Gobindpura fault,

4 02.08.06 Mechmen Workshop Check AC System & determine nil
Gobindpura fault,

5 06.10.06 Mechmen Workshop AC gas refilling, Coil leakage nil
Gobindpura Cooling coil replaced Subros Float

6 10.01.07 Mechmen Workshop Second Free Servicing,Remove Rs 2069.00
Gobindpura Refit Tie Membrane center link,
Front Wheel Alignment, Tyre

7 14.05.07 Mechmen Workshop Front wheel alignment check&adjust Rs 293.00
Gobindpura Camber Toe Adjusted RE 2Tyre
inside wear HI

8 21.05.07 Mechmen Workshop Wheel balancing Wheel
Gobindpura Alignment:camber Toe Adjusted
R 2Tyre In&Out side wear

9 22.05.07 Mechmen Workshop Speed sensor Face Lift,Front Rs 314.00
Gobindpura Wheel Alignment,Tyre face change
both,speed sensor replacement,
Balance Wheel Each

10 03.07.07 Mechmen Workshop Third Free Servicing, Sound Deaden- Rs 2233.00
Hoshangabad Road ing pads-dinitrol, Front Wheel
Alignment, Balance Wheel,
Tyre Rotation


Solution of your complaintNow therefore , I want that all the four tyres of my car be replaced by the Indica company/ mechmen motors free of cost. This is minimum and in fitness of a good salesman.  
ActionApproach legal channels, such as consumer forum 
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