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Tata Motors Ltd

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Tata Motors Ltd
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Product/Service DescriptionTata Indigo Grand XL - UP16P4669
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
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Complaint Rating9(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeKarun Grover 
Complaint Details

Since very beginning the vehicle is developing one problem after another.

Just after days of purchase the Air-condition stopped working and the vehicle had to be kept in the workshop for 3 days to resolve the problem. What I was told is that a component called ECU was changed. Though I could see the signs of trial and error system of diagnostics on the part of the car.

By the time of first service (i.e. 5262 Kms on 10/06/07), the vehicle had developed number of problems which were non-usage based

o The alternator was having problem and the battery sign of dashboard was constantly flickering

o Digital Watch had stopped working

o Nokia Charger and Multi media set had developed problems (It is still in the same state even after multiple reminder and follow up with Service station and the third party agency as well)

o Rear seat had come out from one side

o DVD player was not fixed properly after the AC problem

o Left Side video screen was not working

o RPM Meter was not working (Defective reading)

o Apart from this the initial defect of left side back door ash tray was also not fixed

The vehicle was kept in the workshop for 2 days and still the charger problem was not resolved. I was assured that it will be done the next day. Then on follow up I was given the contact of the third party vendor the Nokia set (Zenox) and after many follow up the representative turned up for inspection. After he saw the problem, he was not sure whether he was supposed the deal with it or Tata Motors. He promised to revert after verifying with his superior but till date there is no communication. No one from the workshop also reverted despite my repeated follow up. It is not that it is a critical instrument but because I was given to understand that the problem was of wiring and the Watch had stopped working, I was worried of some further damage due to wiring short circuit etc.

Now within one month of this service and just ~ 6000Kms on 03/08/07, the Check Engine light started glowing. I contacted the service station and was told that it might be due to rains. But I also observed that the color of the smoke from the exhaust had turned very dark and the vehicle was having a shaking feel while in idle state. I took the vehicle to the service station and the check was conducted with the help of Laptop and also physical verification on drive. There were 2-3 problems being thrown up by the system along with the two mentioned above by me at the physical level:

o Vehicle speed sensor fault

o Clutch switch electric fault

o Accelerometer-1 fault Signal to noise ratio too low

Apart from the above problems diagnosed electronically, it was shown to the mechanic and the supervisors that the emission was of very dark color smoke and also that the car was vibrating even it idle state. I am not too sure but it was also felt that the pick up had gone down from the original levels.

Now the fuel injection system has been replaced as there was a fault in the product which was fitted past its shelf life and there was metalprticles inside there.

Solution of your complaintReplacement of the vehicle with a new one 
ActionLegal options is what I have in mind 
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