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Posted byLt Gunjan Pant, Indian Navy 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Product/Service DescriptionMotorola RAZR v3i GSM, Invoice No 446 dated 23 Sep 06
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintPerformance 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeGamma Systems,013,City Arcade,Tin Bati,Jamnagar,Nr DSP Bunglow, India, Tel: 0281-3292291, Email:, 
Complaint Details

I had purchased a motorola v3i set for Rs 11,200/- on 23 Sep 2006 from "Mobile World, Swagat Building, PN Marg, opposite Regency hotel, Jamnagar-361008 Tel: 0288-2533494". After I had purchased the set, I took an idea SIM card and started using the phone. Upon one month of usage the following were revealed:
(a) There was no signal coverage at all on most of the occasions. Initially i thought that it is due to the area we live in that signal does not reach i.e. in the naval base which is slightly cut-off from the rest of the township of Jamnagar. But it was soon clarified that signal was no problem after I found few of my friends comfortably using idea SIM cards.
(b) Even if there were any signal visible on the screen, the moment we intend making a call, "call failed" message appears. And this happened repeatedly. Even today when my wife is in Delhi and she has put a local idea SIM card in the phone, though she is receiving the full scale signal yet the same "call failed" message appears upon dialing.
(c) The battery of this phone does not even last for full one day, even when we keep it idol and do not use it for music and photography. The original battery was once replaced by the service center and he mentioned that there will not be any future problem, but in vain.

Again i approached the service center for all of the three problems through my above mentioned dealer and it was reported to us that software needs to be reloaded and problem will be rectified, but nothing helped and I am in the same state today after one month short of completing one year of purchase of the phone.

I have only been able to click photographs and listen to some music that too while carrying the charger all the way with me. Till now the total number of successful calls which I made from this phone would be nothing more than 10.

Please help me out on this long pending issue. I being the POOR CUSTOMER have been running after the dealer as well as the service center to get my phone repaired, but am disappointed every time. Then one of my friends suggested this site name and opined that you will be able to help me out. I have to submit that for a middle class employee it is very difficult to buy such costly items as an everyday affair and as far as technology goes it is so much advanced that we really do not have any say on the service centers response. And the dealers are very smart while selling the phone but when it comes to service everyone turns his back to us.

Posted by : Lt Gunjan Pant, Indian Navy
Address : P-257/4, Super New Area, INS Valsura, Jamnagar-361150, Gujarat
Phone : 09327420310, 0288-2550265-394


Solution of your complaintAny service center located in Dwarka, New Delhi should approach my wife, who is presently in possession of the handset and replace the faulty handset along with the battery. She is not in possession of the bills. However the relevant bill number of Jamangar dealer is : Invoice no. 446 dated 23 Sep 06. The same can be faxed to her incase required to be produced. She will be available in Delhi only till 30 Aug 07. The phone numbers which she will be available on are: 09811508084 and 011-25084690. Failing the above solution, the service center / dealer should approach me through mail or phone number and replace the faulty handset at the earliest. But this action is required to be completed before 23 Sep 07, when the warranty expires and i will be left with no door to be knocked for help.  
ActionI will go to Consumer Court 
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