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George Elkess Metias

Posted byGeorge ElKess Metias 
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George Elkess Metias
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Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating9(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeCairo branch Abou Rawash branch 
Complaint Details

Dear sir ,I had an accident on 20th of may 2007 and I had to take the car to the Hyundai service company in Cairo Egypt, owned by Ghabbor.
After the engineers investigated the costs and the spare parts to be changed on the car,and we agreed and signed the papers ,the time estimated to recieve my car was 9th of july.
Till to this date I have not recieved my car back.
During this period I went to follow up the repair by myself to make sure that all repairs are being done in the proper way.But to my despair I found out that what was being done was not at all up to the optimum standards,. Several times they gave me false appointments to go and take my car (provided I live in Alexandria about 220 km. from the branch) and each time there were alot of malrepairs and defficient work , so I went back to Alex. without my car taking into consideration that each trip to Cairo costs me about 170 L.E(35$)
They claimed that they had changed several parts, but they had assembled the old parts and they wanted to charge me as new parts The superintendants and the engineers want me to find out what is lacking in the job.
The dash board is not assembled properly in place, screws are missing and each time I complain the answer is (we will do it ) but nothing is achieved.
The upholstery of the door was claimed that they had changed but they assembled the old one back.
I tried to meet the owner or the chief engineer to complain about my car, but in vain.
I even tried to meet Mr. Ghabbour himself as I know that he would never agree with what is being done in his factory.
I consider that Hyundai cars are very good and strong cars ,BUT due to some shortcomings of some irresponsible engineers in the company, the reputation of Hyundai cars are going to loose their value,afterall what are the values of cars if there is no good after sale service.
To make it short, I am not at all satisfied by this kind of service , and I did not find except this site of yours to claim my case.
I hope that this letter of mine will find favour in your sight, and I hope you will answer back soon.
Wishing you all the best yours George Metias 

Solution of your complaintThe solution as I see , the quality of work has to change to meet the normal standards. there aught to be trust between the service and the customer, no lies to earn more. 
ActionWhat action would you take , and what do you propose??? 
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