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Posted bySumir Chauhan 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Product/Service Description1.5 Tonne Split A/C
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating1(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeAddressed to everyone 
Complaint Details

Subject: “Inconvenience caused due to Customer Service & Product Quality of Whirlpool”

Dear Sir,
It is a very sad state of affair that a company like Whirlpool is got so poor customer service. I had lot of high rating for the brand Whirlpool which has actually proved me wrong.

I had written an email to you which did not reach you, I suppose, but I am disappointed to see that Whirlpool’s highly trained staff has not been able to rectify a small problem in 4 months time and Now everyone Mr. Sanjay Gupta, Mr.Chandan, Mr. Anup Majumdar, Mr. Rohan Mehra, Manish Sarin, Mr. Rathore who has slopped picking up their phones and many more call centre employees who kept telling me they will get them to call me back in 5 – 15 minutes and that never happened once in hundred promises. And on my repeated request to them for your mobile no. which they did not provide me and it is sad that you have not been able to look into this matter or have no knowledge of cases like ours where the name and brand of the company is totally loosing its reputation.

I am really feeling helpless, I have tried, I have been nice and understanding but NO RESULT, with all my effort I have harassed myself by buying a WHIRLPOOL product and in my life never again do the same mistake again and would try all best to tell people and friends the truth and the experience I have received from whirlpool. I would not know what is that you could do to change my impression about Whirlpool, I have finally lost hope in you and have decided to approach CONSUMER COURT and HINDUSTAN TIMES, and I have forwarded a hard copy of all to the corporate address. A notice from the court should also reach you.

Problem Overview:
I had called your customer service on 3rd May and registered a complaint of water dripping out my Split A/C 1.5 tonne installed in my master bed room, some one from whirlpool visited and said there will be another boy Sunil who is an expert in Split Ac’s will come and view the problem and before he could come the compressor of the A/C stopped working. We made another complaint to the service center and told them about the problem. Now this guy Sunil came and looked at the PCB and said it is not working and we would have to replace it with a new one and that was the time when temp. was touching 44°c in Delhi. I hope you can imagine if your mater bed room A/C is not working. I spoke to Mr. Sanjay Gupta and he told me in a week’s time he will get us a new PCB. I was desperate so I called Mr. Majumdar and he said he will try getting it immediately but nothing happened even after their promises. Then on my repeated complaints and call they promised to replace the A/C then few days passed by and that did not happen afterwards when my frustration and irritation started showing they said we are refunding your money in ten days time, after 10 days they said in 15 working days, in the mean while I got a new A/C for my self from other company by spending 34,000 rupees and plus 10,000 to get the Whirlpool A/C removed and because of Whirlpool’s NON PERFORMANCE. I had to spend extra money and go through this humiliation. Now after the 15 working days I here a new story that this money will be replaced by the dealer and if by mistake some one picks up the phone they tell us that they are negotiating with the dealer and now except from Sangeeta who have been at least picking up her phone and have tried solving our problem at the end has also failed to solve the problem, you can very well calculate and see how many day have gone by.

I hope after reading this letter you would be clear about the humiliation. I have gone through after buying a whirlpool A/C.
I would request you to take immediate action and kindly confirm back in writing about you course of action.




Solution of your complaintSolution is the refund they had promised or an upgraded unit (which I doubt will work or not) 
ActionConsumer Court, Letter Hindustan Times Editor  
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