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Greenville Chevrolet Greenville Texas

Posted byRoy Weems 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Greenville Chevrolet Greenville Texas
Organization e-Mail 
Product/Service Description Contract Drivers for Greenville Chevrolet Greenville Texas
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintOther 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeGeorge Garza 
Complaint Details

There is actually numerous driviers upset. We drive cars to and from auctions and do dealer trades. Five weeks ago a crew of four went to Houston Texas to pick up 3 cars bought at a Smart Auction. Upon our arrival we were told another dealership from Longview Texas had already picked up the cars. The Greenville Dealership sent us in one of there vehicles sent the nescearry paperwork and told us to pick them up. Benounced to our suprise they were gone already. This has been over five weeks now and still have not been paid for this BIG MESS!!! Both of the dealers are blaming each other but the truth is I feel Greenville Chevrolet Greenville Texas is responsible to pay us. They are the dealership we work for and they sent us. Even though we are contract drivers this should not be fair. If this is how they treat someone who actually works for them HOW WILL THEY TREAT THERE PAYING CUSTOMERS ONCE YOU SIGN THE CONTRACT AND THEY GET THE MONEY WILL IT BE YOUR PROBLEM LIKE IT IS OURS OR WILL THEY TAKE CARE OF YOUR NEEDS OR WILL THEY GIVE YOU CONSTANT EXCUSES LIKE THEY DO US DRIVERS. 

Solution of your complaintI reallly do not know what the outcome will be they have lied to us so much telling us the checks will be here friday or monday. I have no faith we will ever get the checks I think we will be ripped off. What a lesson to learn to drive for a supposed hometown owned dealership not get paid and lied to daily. 
ActionReally we have no idea what action we could take. All we want is our money then we will walk away and let all the poor people find out for there own what there going to be dealing with.  
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