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Product/Service DescriptionMOBILE MODEL NO. L7, PURCHASED FROM M/S MATRIX, DELHI, INVOICE NO. 427, BOOK NO. 5 DATED 22.12.2006 FOR RS. 7100/- IMEI NO. IS 352504-01-379227-5
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Complaint Details

The mobile was given to the service centre on 18.08.2007 with the complaint of hanging. The service centre people dont pick up any of the 2 landline and one mobile no. I tried several times but it did not work and no body picked up the phones.

Initially also When i went to sevice centre for giving mobile there also i had seen many people being harrased by the service centre. One person had told me that he has been visiting the service centre for more than 25 days and even after that they were not telling how much more time it will take to service his mobile and he also complained that u people dont pick u p the phone and therefore it is very difficult to visit the service centre personally every time with uncertaintiy of receiving the handset as they even dont tell the delivery date.

Due to the initial experience itself I made a call at the corporate office of motorola at Mohan COopereative Indl Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi. The had given me a mobile no. i.e. 9313817848 and told me that this is no. of Mr. Ritesh who is the circle manager of the service centre.

I tried several times from different nos. but Mr. Ritesh did not pick up the phone. Then finally I sent a harsh message to him through SMS that he should resign from the company and he does not deserve the job he is at. After a few minutes I received a call from Mr. Ritesh and he asked me who i am. I told him the entire story and also given him the details of the job sheet . He told me that he will tell me the status of the complaint the next day.

I sent a office staff at the service centre then to enquire the status of the complaint personally. There he was told that the hand set was exposed to water and therefore the servive warranty will not be available. He told that the repair would cost me Rs. 1000/-.

To sum up I then concluded that :
- Why didnt they told me the water problem when i had submitted the mobile.
- If the mobile is exposed to water then it will either damage the display or the speaker or any other thing permanently but it will never make a problem of hanging and my compliant was only for hanging nothing else. Its key automatically pressed without touching any button even in standby mode. I m not able to digest therefore the contention of water problem. I am 100% sure that the mobile was not exposed to water. It appears a cheap conspiracy of the company / service centre.
- After receiving the handset back when i inserted the memory card it is not able to read the same. I suspect the service centre has done something wrong with the handset. Now it is in the worst condition than it was when i submitted it for service. 

Solution of your complaintI would be satisfied if they say sorry to me and treat all the customer at par and also they should have a system of telling these kind of problem like water problem etc. at the initial stage before the customer which is a reliable system else everyone will have a doubt on the procedures of the company. In my case the problem and diagnosis are totally mismatch and creat suspect. They should also diagnose the handset 100% why the memory card is not read by mobile after receiving it back. If the company does not respond quickly then i will be forced to get is repaired from out side. 
ActionCan`t say right now.  
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