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indian railways

Posted byshyam pareek 
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indian railways
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Complaint Details

Dated: 03.09.2007

The General Manager,
Northeast Frontier Railway
Maligaon, Guwahati (Assam)

Sub: - Complaint against Unethical, Adamant & rude behaviour of
TTE/Guard Mr. Saikia of Kamrup Rail Division.

Ref :- My Written Complaint vide Book No. 497, Serial No. 12 of dated
30.08.2007 before Duty officer, Lumding Jn.


This is in reference to the subject cited above and further in context with the written complaint lodged in the office of SM, Lumding Railway Station on dated 30.08.2007, I have to state with due regret and agony as under:

That on dated 30.08.2007, I alongwith my family members were coming from New Alipurduar to Tinsukia Jn. by 5959 Up Kamrup Express having reservation Ticket No. 62473131 and PNR No. 610-7485119. The Train reached to Guwahati at about 4.30 PM. I stepped down to find some foodstuff on platform No. 6 and it was to the height of my surprise that almost all the approved IRCTC stalls were charging much higher prices of all the packed and made items than the displayed Price list. I personally verified the stalls bearing Nos. 15/9, 15/10 and 15/11 and found the malpracticing of the vendors of the abovementioned stalls. On submitting my objection towards such unfair Trade Practice, they started to react in a very offensive and rough language.

While boarding back to the train, I, as a responsible and duty bound citizen of the country and to bring the matter to the authorities to book the culprits thought to lodge a complaint. I searched for hours to find the TTE/Guard to lodge my complaint and at last after due exercise found one Mr. Saikia in AC II tier. I was surprised to find him under alcoholic influence. He was lying on the berth closing his both eyes. I gave him my introduction and stated the reason to come. But, he did not even bother to listen my grievances, which though was in a larger interest of the public. I insisted him several times and finally my words found place in his deaf ears. He handed over the complaint book to me, in which I lodged my grievances. Now he told me to give a witness of the incident. I told repeatedly that there were so many persons standing there at the IRCTC stall, but it would be difficult to find them out, as I was not aware of their coach Nos. I also told him that the witness is not a mandatory provision and a witness is to be introduced ‘if any’ available, which is also clearly indicated on the complaint form itself. But he seems to be obstinate enough and persisted me hard to find a witness any how. I then started searching for the person who was the key witness of the whole incident at IRCTC stall and after tedious search, I found Mr. S.K. Dhara in coach No. 7, having Ticket No. 18016213 and PNR No. 620-6865856. While we were talking and Mr. Dhara agreed to be the witness of the above complaint, Mr. Saikia alongwith one person dressed in khakhi uniform came to coach No. 7 and started abusing me in the top of his voice. He was annoyed as why I did not go to him and which compelled him to search me. He was using very rough, slang and parliamentary language under the intoxicated state. I told him very politely that I have been searching for the witness as demanded by him. But he was not convinced at all. He was shouting aloud in the presence of the entire passengers of Coach No. 7 for the reasons best known to him only. He categorically used that I am ‘420’ and ‘Fraud’ and when I asked him to handover a copy of the complaint lodged by me in his book, he even did not bother to follow the rules and clearly denied in a challenging and harsh voice. When I told that his behaviour would compel me to report against him, he threatened me of the dire consequences. Some passengers of the coach also filed regret and dissatisfaction against his adamant and tyrant behaviour. We stepped down at Lumding Railway Station and lodged a complaint with the duty officer vide the serial Number referred above. Mr. A.K. Das having Ticket No. 44432198 and PNR No. 6806896716 and some other passengers of the coach were escorted me to lodge the complaint against said Mr. Saikia. The train halting at Lumding Jn is for a short time and further the train was on platform No.3, so in rush, the entire contents of the complaint could not be entered in the said complaint.

Now, In the light of the fact mentioned above, I strongly register my dissatisfaction and grief and truly ashamed finding that a duty bound officer of the most prestigious govt. department was behaving like a tyrant in the influence of alcohol and treating the passengers like beasts. His behaviour is not a personal affair but also a representation of the entire department, being on duty wearing the uniform. When an officer of such grade is stoop so low, how the Railway can claim the safety and security of the passengers of the train and how their self-respect and dignity would be preserved.

Further, I am a law respecting and duty abiding citizen of this country and do represent the fraternity of the lawyers strongly feel that such type of staff is a malice on the face of the entire department who only can fetch disrespect to the department and its authorities. I, therefore, in the larger interest of the public to safeguard their respect, dignity and moral, request your goodself to appoint a high level enquiry against the culprit and further proceed as to teach a lesson so even any other will not dare to make the public a mockery.

Thanking you,

Sincerely yours,


Copies to:

1. Hon’ble Railway Minister, Dept. of Railways
2. Director, Public Grievances, Indian Railways
3. DRM, Lumding Rail Division, Lumding
4. Mr. S. Premchandra, Advocate, Supreme Court – for necessary followup.


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ActionMove to the appropriate court or Tribunal. 
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