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American Home Sheild

Posted byTom Butler 
Organization / Product Details
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American Home Sheild
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Product/Service DescriptionHome Warranty
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
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Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeHenrietta  
Complaint Details

I had a blocked drain on a new house I had purchased. At purchase I got a home warrany from American Home Sheild. I called them and they told me they could have someone there in 3 days.
Now my garage was flooded, so I called a local licensed rooter service. They came and snaked and told me there was mud in the line (broken pipe).
So I called AHS back. They did send someone out in 3 days. He snaked the line and said the same thing.
When i called AHS they told me the plumber they sent had found a faulty "p trap" and they would not send anyone out until it was fixed.
This is their scam. They tell you one thing when the tech is there, but when the tech is gone they change the story and refuse future service.
So finally, after calling a plumber on my own to fix said "p trap" they sent out a tech again.
This time he found mud in the line, thought it was a broken pipe, and recommended a camera scope. I called AHS, while he was there and they authorised payment for the scope. He did not have scope on truck and I was told to reschedule. I called moday morning, this was friday, and the company said that AHS had withdrawn the authorization for the camera scope. Sorry.
I called AHS and they said they now would not cover this. I talked with henrietta through out this problem. I let he know that I recorded her previous call, stating they would cover this. She was angry and finally agreed to reconfirm payment for the scope job. But "if the problem lies outside of the foundation of the home, repair would not be covered and I would be respnsible for paying for the scope job as well."
The tech came as scheduled, ran the scope to the break. He found it 8 feet in, between the laundry and kitchen. This was directly under my kitchen floor. He said that it would involve taking up the flooring and replaceing or rerouting the pipe. Estimate aproximately $2500 give or take. He then called AHS they told him to leave.
She then talked to me and said this is not covered, its up to you.
This is where we stand now.
I searched the internet and have found more than a hundred other similar complaints about American Home Sheild. Most call them a rip-off and dishonest.

Solution of your complaintI think more gray hair and an ulcer. 
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